Happy June!

It’s been a week since June came into our lives, and what a beautiful time it’s been! (Totally not gonna think about the bug I almost swallowed- *shudders*) Anyway, it’s a great day in paradise, but like all things, it will soon come to an end. I plan to fill it with at least a few trips to the beach, maybe get in a good reading on the sand… people-watch some gorgeous people write a few chapters.

We thought about putting our stories on this page, but for now I think it’d be best if they remained on blogger, mainly because it’s easier and a certain someone just doesn’t feel comfortable putting it all out there right now. So, if you feel like taking that extra step, feel free to check it out (under the menu My Old Page – Story Time) and let us know what you think! Be warned, though, they’re all raw things that just needed getting out, if you understand what we mean.

This page is mainly for book reviews, cover reveals, and other bookish things that appeal to us. We’ll also be ranting about the fanclubs we’re in, so don’t worry if we start to look a little insane at times. It’s perfectly normal.

If you somehow managed to miss all the warning signs, I’ll say it now:

We read books with smutty sexy screaming-hot-feck-Zaddy-yes scenes.

The range of books read and reviewed on Kole.Writes is wide on the spectrum, people. If you’re easily offended or prefer not to see books with sex, profanity or harsh realities, tread cautiously while here. We tried our best to put them in the tabs like ’18+ Kinks’ but it doesn’t mean you’re completely safe. So be careful, enjoy yourself, and let us know what you think of all the shenanigans. We reserve the right to give a shit.

The Little Darlings

Happy Reading ^-^


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