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This is a new blog for us so bear in mind that it’s still being sorted out. Part of the decision-making is figuring out whether or not we want our old page content transferred to this one. Not only would it be tedious, it’d also be time-consuming and right now, we just don’t have the hours for it. So in the meantime, feel free to check out what we’ve already reviewed on our old page (in the top menu) and let us know what you think we’d be interested in!

The first book to be reviewed on this new, beautiful site- *wipes tear* -is Evangeline Anderson’s The Institute. Heard of it? Just came out this year’s February!

EA- 1a; The Institute Daddy Issues
image from Goodreads

Its MCs are detectives working undercover as Daddy and Little to stop a new drug, Please aka Please Daddy, from getting out to the public. It’s already effected enough lives as it is, turning its victims into mindless, sex-crazed bodies who need the D or it’s game over for them.

Sugerbaker’s petite enough to be every Big’s wet dream, and Saltanov’s the ideal Daddy: large, protective and masculine. Their sizes are the perfect undercover disguise, but there’s a problem: the department couldn’t have chosen worse officers for the job.

Or are they, in fact, the perfect pair for The Institute?

You’ll find out in a few hours (or days, depends on what we decide to do) what we thought, and since we partially rant with these things, it’ll most likely be a spoiled review. Ha ha. Ha.

The next book will be an ARC of Ysa Arcangel’s Underneath It All.

YA- 1b; Underneath It All
image from Goodreads

This one will be our first ARC story reviewed here, so you’ll know soon enough that it will be in the ARCs category in the menu. Feel free to browse around and get acquainted with our page! We’ll try to not make it too crazy…


The Little Darlings


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