The Institute: Daddy Issues (The Institute #1)

EA- 1a; The Institute Daddy Issues

 Can Kink heal a broken heart?

Detective Andi Sugerbaker is going to find out…
the hard way.

Searching for the source of the deadly new date rape drug, Please, Andi and her partner, Viktor Saltanov, must go undercover at the infamous Age Play resort, called simply The Institute.

Here at The Institute, time is rolled back and Andi finds herself forced to relive painful trauma from her past in order to pursue her case. Meanwhile, her partner is showing a whole new side of himself that Andi never dreamed existed.

Born and bred in Mother Russia, Viktor Saltanov is 6’5”, muscular, and as stoic as they come. But now he has become Andi’s sole support, protector… and disciplinarian. Letting her partner spank her and touch her in ways she never dreamed of is slowly breaking down Andi’s defenses, taking her to a vulnerable place inside she’s been trying to suppress for years.

Can the two of them navigate the traitorous maze of lies and deception and find a deeper truth about themselves? Or will their experience at The Institute destroy their relationship forever?

Page Count: 257
Published Date: February 14, 2016


**WARNING: intense kinky fuckery. 18+ readers only**

*****STARS: 5!*****

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“I LOVED THIS! What a way to introduce and educate the world of Bigs and their littles. The chemistry between Salt and Andi was too hot to handle sitting down, and this was before they started pushing borders! So hot. So kinky. So frighteningly personal.”

This caught my attention because 1) it had the word Institute, 2) the MC’s Russian partner is 6’5” and 3) who doesn’t love a good story that deals with issues we refuse to acknowledge?

When I first read this, Andi wasn’t very endearing. While I admired her drive to prove that women could be just as great in the department as the next big, strong man, she also came off as someone with a little woman complex. She was closed-minded (cautious), insulting (defensive), and extremely aggressive with anyone who offered a different perspective (passionate). It’s not that she was a bad person, she just needed a lot of work, like Agent Hart in Miss Congeniality.

sandra bullock miss congeniality lol thats me live like you are miss congeniality

I abhorred the way I had to make up excuses for her in order to enjoy the story. I don’t mind a complicated character; the more complex, the better. However, it wasn’t even a few pages in and I was already turned off by her inner feminine speeches and constant male bashing. She was like an injured dog barking at everything that dared to cross her fence.

And in that moment, I realized just how deep her issues went. Self-made woman, forced to be independent at a young age. I imagine that as a kid, abandonment issues played heavy in how she saw herself or others. Add in her relationships- well, lack thereof -with any type of connection to another person (they either sucked or gave up on her), and she’s one of two things: hates men or is suspicious of them.

This all gets addressed later in the story, but knowing that her issues were already out there, helped me to sympathize with her a little. When she got defensive and verbally attacked her coworkers on the case, I had to remind myself that help was coming for her.

sandra bullock 500 miss congeniality fam gracie hart

God, where do I start with this? The story was not only interesting, it entertained me at every turn and made me anticipate the next chapter! I mean, a drug that turns people into sex-crazed zombies was something I’d never read about, and when you’ve got dangerous drugs like that going around in your city, you’re kinda more than obligated to suck it up and do what needs to be done, you know? Andi and Salt seemed like really professional officers who would lay their lives down for duty. Seeing that partnership challenged in a sensual way made my toes curl. My stomach actually tightened at the sexual tension between them. Salt was so obvious with his subtle ways of taking care of her prickly ass that I also added ‘completely dense’ to my list of Andi complaints.

Saltanov is the stereotypical Russian gentleman who exists only in our dreams, the rare kind who still bother to: hold doors open for women; up their manners when in feminine presence; and keep them safe at all costs. He’s the perfect daydream, and the perfect partner for someone like Sugerbaker. He shows her that a man worth a woman’s trust and time can be chivalrous and a protector, and for the past three and a half years, he’s succeeded in making her feel comfortable for once. Not completely loose, no, but it’s a lot better than how she was before he came.

When they’d gone undercover as Daddy and his Babygirl, I was a bit hesitant with their approach to finding the drug in The Institute. Not only did Andi majorly fail at doing her job, she also made it painful to read for the first half of their stay. She said ‘fuck it’ with the rules and went in as an officer, not a Little with her Papa at a fancy place. Woman didn’t even try. It was all half-assed acting that would’ve gotten them kicked out if not for the fact that the existence of the book depended on the director’s decision to ignore her blatant rudeness and give them a chance for redemption… and another… and another… and another…. and an- oh look, the end!

reaction mrw head secret service

If there’s one thing I didn’t like about this book, it’s the way Andi made things so difficult for everyone. Always prideful, stubborn, and hypocritical. If she wasn’t freaking out, it’s because she was too busy getting offended, trigger-happy, distant, or messed up. I felt really bad for her because she was on unfamiliar grounds with issues she didn’t want to deal with. It’s her job or her sanity. The fact that she took on the case in the first place shows how far she’s willing to go to protect the city, but man, was it hard to see her challenge everyone’s patience. I’m actually surprised she wasn’t punished more than that one time. And speaking of punishments…

Funimation bdsm dagashi kashi whipping

Jesus. Christ. Anderson is BAE when it comes to her description of sexy time and sexual tension. The chemistry between Salt and Andi probably weighed more than the Russian himself, but the way they interacted on page made me an instant fan of this author. THEY WERE SO HOT! And the fucking mind-blowing thing about it all is that they didn’t even get physical until later in the story. Andi didn’t even get it through her head that he wanted her body until a good dozen or so pokes with his dick. (Don’t even get me started) Seriously though. That spank scene? That scene under the fucking suck-me-good table?

anime happy food cartoon jimmy fallon

A good book that can treat you to foreplay before you hit the sheets is a book to be worshipped. That is all I have to say.

So I’ve bitched about Andi, fawned over Salt, fangirled over their fuck-me scenes… now for my favorite part! The best thing about this book was seeing Andi go through some major changes. She went from an annoying feminist who wanted to do everything herself because ‘she was strong’ (God, I’m so fucking salty) to a demure woman who faced her issues and had come to accept the needs that made her, her. Talk about complex. And it’s because of this that I was more than willing to read through the whole thing, knowing that she was difficult for a reason. She had to change, to progress into a better, happier version of her who believed in good things again. This thing was so good that I’m actually going to cease with the small spoilers. I really want you to read this and get excited/shocked/scared for the first time. Expecting something to happen always ruins the initial reaction, I feel. So… OMFG when she finally realized that she needed a Papa but freaked when she worried that Salt might not want anything to do with the perversity of it all?

sandra bullock miss congeniality lol thats me live like you are miss congeniality


Okay that’s it! XD So aside from me having a love/hate relationship with Andi that ended in tears and heartache, this story was an incredible experience for me. I’m not an expert in Age Play, but I thought that the way it was explained to a newbie was very well done! It emphasized on the important things, but still showed the darker side to kinky life. The characters seemed pretty legit, the plot twist was (surprisingly) a SURPRISE, and the writing style was enjoyable. Now I admit to skipping a few of Andi’s speeches-

reading matthew perry chandler bing chandler pay attention

-because frankly, they just didn’t do it for me. But everything else was gold, and I ate it up. It’s a definite recommend for me. The sex is hot and kinky, the complex characters and scenes evoke multiple emotions, and overall, it was just pure entertainment for the ovaries and heart.

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling


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