First Blade, Jane Hinchey

JH- First Blade

Georgia Pearce craves a normal life, one where she can happily ignore her psychic abilities, but when she unearths an ancient dagger with untold power, her life is thrown into chaos and turmoil.

The dagger triggers a series of events, one of them the arrival of Zak Goodwin, half vampire, half angel. With ancient vampires hot on her tail, Georgia risks it all to keep her loved ones safe, including her heart. Can she trust Zak not to betray her?


Page Count:236
Published Date: November 19, 2015

*received ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review*

***STARS: 3***

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She lost track of time as his hands soothed her, her chin practically resting on her chest. She felt warm and lethargic and sooo relaxed. And for that moment in time, there was nowhere in the world she’d rather be. That thought alone should have scared the pants off her, yet strangely it didn’t. When she was with Zak, it felt right. It was only when she remembered the hundreds of women who’d been before her, that he’d done this with, who he’d touched like he’d touched her, that she doubted her sanity in getting involved with this man. He was worming his way into her life, a life she rarely shared with others. She had no doubt it was going to hurt when he removed himself once he was tired of her.

This was a pretty entertaining read! I really liked the thought of a ring and dagger being the ancient thing that connects such an old soul with a new one (Zak and Georgia). Georgia’s a psychic who doesn’t really want anything to do with it, preferring the life she didn’t get as a child as opposed to the one she’d rather not deal with. I think that if she could, she’d get rid of it all except for Rhys, her werewolf best friend.

Zak’s an old vampire/angel with a group of equally badass people, but one of them is an insanely jealous bitch who’d rather do murder than see her sire with a human. Thing is, Zak’s been reading her since Georgia found the dagger on her property, and on top of being in her wet dreams, he can’t read her. And what’s more appealing than a hot, mysterious woman?

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Their relationship was a bit rough for me, mainly because it felt like Georgia really didn’t like him. Because of that, I couldn’t find his advances sexy without wondering what feminist was sharpening her own dick-be-gone dagger. Now, I enjoy the rough tumbles so I wasn’t turned off, just a bit surprised at the fervent way she always opposed him. Eventually she gave in, and their relationship loosened to this fun banter of two extremely strong souls.

The set up was good. The relationship was good. The plot, while interesting with the sleeping ancient bound to be awoken, was a bit wobbly. I didn’t really get why Georgia was targeted by the vampires (aside from her owning the dagger) because of how ‘weak’ she was human-wise, but even after I got the explanation, I was still puzzled, because I didn’t feel her reason for being the one to do everything. She had powers, she showed it, but she didn’t embrace it. I understand that she doesn’t want them, but because she didn’t use them for anything except a house alarm, it just didn’t fit in my head what was going on.

I liked that a lot of things happened because it kept things interesting. Some parts lagged to the point of me skimming to get to the juicy bits. The writing style fit Georgia’s personality well, but towards the end, it unraveled here and there. The dialogue was pretty good. The ending shocked me the most, mainly because it was so anti-climatic.

If I had to choose one thing I didn’t like, it’d be Rhys. He started off great as the bff and possible go-to guy, but he was reduced to a jealous jerk who disappeared into the background. Kinda sad he wasn’t used more, because I feel like he could’ve been really great.

I’m so confused with the ending’s reveal. If he was the ancient one all along, why didn’t he die like the legend said he would? I mean, yeah he died, but his friend brought him back. Does that mean death really can’t touch the ‘Ancient One’ like we were lead to believe? I don’t know.

Overall, I was still entertained and I really enjoyed some of the action scenes. And the sex scenes… *cough* It’s a 50/50 recommend read from me. You’ll either enjoy the leisure of entertainment or prefer a quicker read.

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling


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