Eternal Night, Marian Tee

Skeleton Key MT- Eternal Nightbook series.
One skeleton key. Endless adventures.

Ever Carlisle’s life is but a monotonous existence, one that’s only enlivened by her daydreams about finding love like the one shared by Hades and Persephone.

However, everything changes when she stumbles upon a skeleton key in the town’s old library.

Suddenly, Ever finds herself thrown into a world where Greek myths and legends have come to life.

It’s a place where everything is strangely, terrifyingly beautiful…
and its ruler Hades believes Ever is his prophesied queen.

Genre: New Adult, Urban Fantasy
Title: Eternal Night
Series: Skeleton Key #1
Author: Marian Tee
Publisher: Jaded Speck Publishing

Source: Amazon
Pages: 172
Date: 6.16.16
Rating: 5/5

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MAJOR spoilers and mild kinky fuckery

Dear Reader,

In a small voice, she asked, “Are you certain I am deserving of your love?”
He shook his head, saying gently, “It is the other way around. I am not deserving of your love. I am sinful and broken, and yet still you entrusted yourself to me. You are everything I have wanted but never allowed myself to dream. You have enslaved me, milady, and I have never been happier to be one’s captive.”

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God what does it say about me that I used the quote Hades says to Persephone?

I am a MAJOR FAN of Hades and Persephone. I breathe their stories and any romance novels that come up, like this one. Now, I’m fairly new to the Skeleton Key series, but seriously how awesome does that sound??? Characters who find keys that take them to our favorite stories???

Ever is a Hades fan and despite her horrid life of living as an orphan with an aunt who’s just disgustingly pathetic, she has a good heart and a pure smile that reaches anyone, including the perverted pastor, the one her aunt sees as a devoted church member.

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When Ever escaped to Hades’ party, I was jumping right along with her. I mean who doesn’t wish they could visit their favorite book characters?! I liked that the story went back and forth between the present (Ever) and past (Persephone), showing you a different side of Hades that left you wondering if he truly changed. Or if he still loved Persephone.

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One of the things that tickled me was how the story started off with a proper way of speaking, that old flavor English Jane Austen, you know what I mean? It’s set in modern day England, but it was so proper, I did a double take when the aunt called Ever a bitch XD It was then that I realized I wouldn’t be seeing any horse-drawn carriages haha.

The take on Persephone was pretty fun to see. This isn’t the first book I’ve read that replaces the Goddess of Spring with a good-hearted human, but it is the first to turn her into this spoiled, selfish little twat. Now that was fun, especially since I could totally see that spin of the goddess who embodies youth and supposed innocence.

Now, if you’re anything like my greeky (ha!) ass, you’ll have also giggled at the way Hades refrained from mentioning Persephone’s father or his relation with the young goddess.

emma stone easy a

They’re a bunch of relatives, if you don’t know XD

Tee likes to talk dirty (tee hee) so it was also amusing to see such proper talking with a certain dark god shoving his fingers into someone’s pussy the very next sentence. It was a book full of fun, love, slight anxiety, tears and laughter. I was constantly praying that Hades wasn’t going to do something stupid like break her heart for still loving Persephone WHICH BY THE WAY was mentioned (cause of my anxiety) but it never really was spoken of again.

glee confused huh lolwut wait what

The question revolving around whether or not Ever was the prophesied queen was a good little suspense, but I thought the ending was a bit quick. For one thing, the pervert pastor gets his paragraph of a POV when Ever’s aunt calls telling him to come over and help her out with her wayward niece. That lying piece of shit- *cough* Anyway he goes all creepers and thinks that his time has come, but in the end, all he does is show up with bad intentions and gets his dick cut off, something we don’t- unfortunately -get to see. Kinda disappointed, because the sadist in me wanted to see him do something and then get thwarted by Hades and then punished. But again, I can’t really complain about her not getting hurt so- XD Another one I wanted to see eat shit was the aunt, because she was so gross and bitter, but alas, she’s left alone. I suppose nothing’s worse than dying alone in your flat.

It’s utterly frightening how blood-thirsty this author’s made me become.

I love this because it’s Hades and Tee; this author knows how to make you cry and doubt nearly everything you know about a character. It’s like putting your favorite ice cream flavors together.

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If you know about the Skeleton Key series, this is definitely one you shouldn’t skip. It was a quick read, but still managed to make me laugh and cry and maybe just a little get all warm and fuzzy in the pit of my stomach AND HOLY SHIT MARIAN TEE BUT OF ALL THE SEX SCENES TO SKIM AND SKIP AND END SO QUICKLY. SERIOUSLY? SERIOUSLY???

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Give it back!

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling

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