Hunted by Magic, Jasmine Walt

JW- 1;c Hunted by Magic

With the sudden disappearance of Iannis, the Chief Mage, Solantha has erupted into pandemonium. Citizens are rioting in the streets, the Mages Guild is on a misguided warpath, and shifters and humans are fleeing the city in droves.

Ridden with guilt, Sunaya defies the Mages Guild and goes off in search of Iannis, trekking into dangerous, uncivilized territory to try and make things right. But Sunaya’s relationship with Iannis isn’t the only thing at stake — if she doesn’t find him soon, the Resistance might just succeed in plunging the Northia Federation into a devastating and bloody civil war.

Genre: Fantasy
Title: Hunted by Magic
Series: The Baine Chronicles #3
Author: Jasmine Walt
Publisher: Dynamo Press

Source: Amazon
Pages: 247

Goodreads | Amazon
*WARNING: a few sexy times in the end.*

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“I can do whatever I want.” Iannis’s voice simmered with barely suppressed fury. “I’m your Master, and the Chief Mage of your state of residency, Miss Baine. I believe that makes you my subject, not the other way around.”

“So I guess you won’t care, then, when I go into heat next week and find someone else to warm my bed?”

To my surprise, Iannis froze in the doorway. “What?”

Okay can I just complain that I have to wait 19 DAYS FOR THE NEXT BOOK? I know I sound spoiled, but let me have this moment. Why is it not out yet??? God why did I have to get so into this series knowing it wasn’t completed?

Alright moment’s over. Soooo holy shit! I liked this one. I mean did I skim through the pretty details to get to the parts with Iannis or whereabouts of Iannis? Maybe. I tried to refrain from going a little overboard in the skimming, but can you blame me? I’m a romantic, and I’ve been teased enough with their relationship. You’re gonna dangle the sexual tension in front of my face and then make him disappear?

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So yeah I skipped like a little girl all the way to the fun parts and scenes with any mentioning of Iannis, Fenris or the other mages. Sunaya’s guilt-ridden after finding out that she didn’t get to warn Iannis about the Resistance’s impeding attack. Because of this, she’s more desperate than ever to find him. However, it’s no longer about her needs. Solantha is falling apart, mages are turning uppity and abusing their power. They want her head, the abomination who should have never lived, according to their laws.

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Okay so let me just say, I don’t know why those mages are still a part of the Mages Guild. They’re complete dicks and obviously don’t think highly of the people they’re meant to take care of! Like what the fuck?!?! Why didn’t Iannis ban their asses and find better mages? I just don’t get it…

But anyway, back to the review. I really liked the adventure in this, how it moved us from Solantha to the outer parts of the Northia Federation. Again, I got the sense that it was earth and our own world, but just fantasized a bit with new names, etc. Regardless, I thought the rescue mission was good: mysterious enough to keep me guessing, and hilarious enough to keep me entertained. I enjoy Annia so much, you see, and she was a riot in the second book, so I’m glad she was a major thing in this, as well.

Fenris has always been a cutie, but he definitely got deeper with his secrets now out of the bag. I can’t wait for his spotlight in one of the books. The thing with Iannis was a bit cliche for me, but it was a great excuse nonetheless to get Sunaya’s ass in gear about what it was she really wanted from him.

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When the rescue mission came to an end, I admit I was kinda worried that that’s all I would get, but no! After the mission, they continued with what’s been happening since the last installment. They all went to the convention, did their thing, and everything was finished off with some pretty wrapping and a nice big bow. I’m glad everything was settled with no loose ends (well nothing too lose) but I also love how it was still a cliffhanger without there being unfinished business. I’m not that cruel so I won’t spoil it for you, but I must say:

I am definitely ready for the fourth book.

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling

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