Prince of Darkness, Marian Tee

5a; Prince of Darkness

Playboy. Billionaire. Heartbreaker.

These were just some of the things people knew Greek graduate student Reid Chalkias as, but his greatest claim to infamy was as The Prince of Darkness – and it was a name he deserved, in more ways than one.

Embracing the darkness allowed the prince to keep everyone at a distance… until innocent Fawn Cornwall started working for him.

Without even trying, Fawn was able to make him experience emotions he once thought he was immune to.

Jealousy. Possessiveness. And even… affection.

He almost, almost wanted to believe she was destined for him – if only she wasn’t already engaged to marry another man.

Page Count: 115
Published Date: May 23, 2016

*received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review*
***WARNING: kinky fuckery of the dark variety***

*****STARS: 5!*****

mrw gf orgasm

She fell to her knees, closed her eyes, and found herself praying in sheer relief. When she was done, she turned around, still on her knees, and the first thing she saw was the prince staring down at her, half-naked, his pants partially unzipped.

Shock had her scrambling back, and a moment later she fell on her butt.

The prince said lazily, “I didn’t peg you to be a voyeur, parthena mou.”

This book is one of the more recent works of this author, and I’ve read a lot of what she’s written. Which is why I can easily say that she has really improved in her writing style and execution. It surprises me every time, because I already find her stories so emotionally engaging.

Reid’s showed up in a few books because he’s one of the BBFs, a small popular group of best friends who have billion-dollar trust funds. It’s his story now, and man… he had it rough. Fast-forward to the present, and he’s become Tee’s version of Batman in college, the Prince of Darkness who’s known for throwing the sexiest, dirtiest, wildest parties at his mansion. Little do they know, the parties are there for more serious reasons than a simple wam-bam-thank-you-master…

When Fawn gets hired, they’re nothing to each other. He finds her innocence stupid and naive, and she can’t see anything that Grant doesn’t have one-over him. But time, like a good shot of Bacardi, changes their mind when they begin to discover secret parts of each other. And then Fawn gets caught in the same room as Reid and his current lay and gets to hear all the sexy bits-EEEKKKKK!!!

I thought the setting was perfect because Reid’s house is already so mysterious and naughty! It gives him and Fawn the excuse they need to feel all those kinky little butterflies. And… just… likewhatthefuckingshit. I read the whole thing in two hours (had to pause to stare up at the ceiling with tears running down my face) and reread some scenes!

smirk tamar braxton yeah right why you always lying psh

He’s so HOT! And so aloof and IDFWY. I can’t even make sense with what I’m trying to say. Reid’s this unattainable guy who refuses to get close to anyone, but he actually has good intentions and isn’t as horrid as he pretends to be. It just makes him more alluring, if I’m going to be honest. I absolutely adore the tumultuous characters.

The writing style flowed nicely and though I am a huge fan of love-at-first-sight, I really enjoyed how long it took for them to recognize that there was something going on between them. If it’s not love-at-first-sight, it’s hate-first-extremely-like-later. *fist pump* There’s nothing more fun than seeing two people come together after realizing that they can actually overlook the initial impression. Like, awwww!!!

And speaking of first impressions, I just knew something was wrong with Grant. I’m sort of peeved at Fawn for not realizing it, but you can’t really blame her because it’s her first love and all. But still- bad Fawn, bad. His part in making the prince jealous was done very well, but when he broke Fawn’s heart, I wanted to break his face. I really hope they give it to him good in part two.

Just. One. Little. Issue. For Me. I don’t know how I feel about Fawn being propositioned to be the prince’s mistress to get back at Grant. She’d be doing the same thing he’s doing to her, then, right? Could she really take on such a role, no matter how tempting? I don’t know…

Definite recommend. It’s funny, heart-breaking, and downright illegal in the way it makes my stomach tighten.

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling

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