Monarch, AR Ivanovich

ARI 1;c MonarchRune Thayer’s rebellion in Cape Hill has placed all of Breakwater in danger. Now, Katelyn Kestrel and her best friend Kyle must do something that no one in the Western Kingdom has ever attempted: travel North into enemy territory and request aid from none other than Prince Varion himself.

Before they are able to depart, Katelyn is unwillingly brought face-to-face with Prince Raserion. Separated from her friends and enveloped in a dark world of his making, the indomitable Prince of Shadows offers her a deal that she dare not refuse.

The accord is struck and Katelyn continues her mission, holding close the secret meeting, and wondering whether she has become a traitor to her own cause. Stalked by unrelenting shadows across enemy lines, she must decide:

Trust Prince Varion in hopes to save Breakwater

or trust Prince Raserion to win Rune’s freedom.

Page Count:420
Published Date: January 5, 2016

*warning for you YA readers: horny groping*

****STARS: 4****

“If there was one chance in a million that you could save us all, would you take it and risk dying alone in failure? Or would you spend your last living breaths with the person most special to you?”

He chuckled. “Every moment I’ve spent with you has been worth a thousand more. I would fight.”

Throwing myself against him, I poured my heart into that embrace and spoke into his shoulder, “Follow Kyle and Carmine, keep them safe. If this works, I’ll find you. If it doesn’t…” We’d be dead. “I’ll see you soon.”

reaction wtf wut steve harvey dumbfounded

What the fuck just happened? Oh God, this is too much for me! You’re going to take Rune away, after everything they went through to be together? Kyle could’ve died!!! Ack! I’m getting whiplash just thinking about the last twenty minutes of my life with this book.

So Katelyn and the gang head off on yet another fun adventure to plead their case to the other side, in the hopes that they can keep Haven and Breakwater safe. ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend’. However, once up in the North where Prince Varion resides, they’re imprisoned and treated like the enemy, despite any peaceful attempt.

This drove me nuts for several reasons. One, the first half of the book consisted of more monologue than actual adventures, and what traveling there was, wasn’t very action-packed. If I’d skipped the second book, I still would’ve been caught up with all the info put into the beginning. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I’m an impatient person, and there’s only so much replay I can take before I’m skimming.

After they make it to the prince’s place in Caraway, things get flipped. Suddenly everyone’s fighting at every turn and the heat of the war has jumped from a -5 to a solid 10. If Katelyn’s not being stalked by creepy shadows, she’s making out with Rune being happy, harping on Dylan, or stressing out on how to come out alive with her friends intact.

And the fighting! God, I swear I think of all the things I skimmed, it was the fighting scenes. I just couldn’t handle the hopelessness that happened more often than not. It made me too sad, and of course instead of being sad, I get annoyed. She’s a badass Lodestone so sometimes I couldn’t understand why it took so long for something to happen. But I’m just bitching about my personal experience.

omg shocked ugh gross nick kroll

I will say that I liked how things were set up. The big reveal on Kyle was a little hard to get used to, but at the same time, I couldn’t help but think at how brilliant it was. And then things got awkward with those guys, and their blatant distrust for people Kyle had known and been with this entire time of the series freaked me out a bit! I’m glad he stood up for them the first time around, but when he got his memories back? Man, I wanted to knock some sense into him. I did not like the way he treated Katelyn, like she suddenly couldn’t be trusted.

I also didn’t like the way Dylan was treated. Like damn, okay, he killed someone- because he was going to be killed if he didn’t do it. Can you really hate him for not wanting to die? Can you? And okay, so he tricked you into liking him in the beginning and tried to get into Haven. I’m not saying he’s Jesus, but he isn’t a black-and-white villain. He was scared, used, and just as much a victim as one could be with a crazy monster.

And this has been bothering me, but I need to know. They say Prince Raserion knows the way to Haven, right? Instead of just going over to warn the people, why not destroy the door as well? Ruby obviously knows there’s another door from the one that the enemy now knows of. So what’s up? Is that gonna be explained in the fourth book?

Of all the characters, Dylan would be my favorite, because of how difficult he was with the others and the way he did whatever he wanted, regardless if it made people uneasy or irritated. He was a jerk, but an honest one, and though I can’t say for sure that he had good intentions with Katelyn in the first installment of this series, I do know that he is not bad. I’m just sad that it took so long- and for so much to happen -for Kat to finally see that.

This book was heavy on details and buildup in the first half, and finished with a lot of fighting that was more problematic than a natural occurrence. I got really uptight whenever the people tried to make it difficult for Katelyn, and I commend any book that can make me want to spit and murder something.

Direct Assurance applause clap serious seriously

Overall, it was a good read that I probably would’ve enjoyed more had I been more patient, because there is a lot to take and if you’re anything like me, treating it like a quick thrill is not good. But in my defense I couldn’t help it, the suspense was killing me!

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling


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