Cooper, Dale Mayer

TDM- Seals of Honor- Cooperhe doctor saved Cooper’s life and his sanity-
but she stole his heart.

Being a SEAL means everything to Cooper, so when the doctor who saved his life is kidnapped, he’s the first to volunteer for the mission.

Dr. Sasha Childs has devoted her life to helping others – until she finds out her husband is helping himself to her best friend.

Disillusioned, she volunteers her medical skills to a Syrian refugee camp crying out for medical aid. She’s completely unaware that a war is brewing around her – until she’s caught in the midst of it…

Cooper has his hands full rescuing Sasha from foreign hands the first time, but when the war comes home, it becomes damn near impossible to keep her safe a second time.

He’s been blessed with one miracle in his life, now he needs a second one-
before the woman he loves becomes a casualty of war…

Page Count: 188
Published Date: July 19, 2016

*gifted an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review*

***STARS: 3.7****

I’ve rated this a 4 Stars, but it really feels more like a 3.7 to me. While I enjoyed the action and teasing romance, the writing style felt very different from what I’m used to from this author. A few times, I’d get a taste of her usual way of writing, but otherwise? It was a consistency of choppy sentences that turned my smooth river reading into a jagged mess.

When I first read this, I had a hard time getting into things because of the choppy sentences. However, I tried it again with a different mindset and after a few chapters, I immediately got hooked in. The story line is good, and actually really exciting. Cooper was pretty cute, and Sasha came off as a very eccentric person (or as eccentric as you can get as a doctor, I suppose). Their romance, while teasing, didn’t really dominate the pages. If anything, it was more like a lot of foreplay before they decided to get together.

This author is a really great story-teller and some of her books are my all-time favorites. Though I wouldn’t recommend this one based on my reading experience, I did enjoy the plot (wow) so if you feel like my personal experiences are things you can handle, I totally encourage you to try it out.

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling



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