Call to Arms, Elle Casey

EC- 1;b Call to Arms

Follow Jayne Sparks, the (still) potty-mouthed seventeen-year-old and newly changed elemental fae and her friends-
an incubus
a daemon
a green elf
a water sprite
and a pixie
-as they struggle to find their places in the Light Fae community of the Greek Forest and prepare for the upcoming battle against the Dark Fae.

Page Count: 350
Published Date: March 5, 2012


*Content Warning: Mild violence and significant foul language within*
*Meant for older YA readers (age 15+)*

****STARS: 4****

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this after having read the first one, and I admit that I took a bit of time getting to this for fear of being hooked in too hard. After reading it, I’m glad I didn’t wait too long.

I call to the fae blood that courses through my veins
I ask the fae magic to bring about the change
A fae I am
A changeling I will be
From this moment now
For all eternity

Call to Arms goes into the fae world that was promised and enticed in the first book’s ending, and Jayne gets a big dose of what she wished for. Only problem is that her best friend isn’t with her, and after something major happens, she begins to wonder if she’d made a mistake in letting him go.

This was a fun read because of the new things we learned about her, as well as the people that she and her friends are now a part of. It was an interesting way to look at the fae I’ve read so much about. I also enjoyed the whole compound thing going on, not to mention the training and history she went through with the other fae community.

The story line of getting Tony back was one I welcomed with open arms because I really didn’t want to see them separated, and it added suspense and excitement to the book, if anything. The flirtation between Jayne and the other boys were cute, but it feels like she’s being set up with someone… it just doesn’t feel like the chemistry’s really coming through.

Want to know who it is??? Read the book. It’s a great follow-up to The Changelings, a book, I must repeat, that is a constant referral for friends and even myself when book hunting for fresh pages.

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling


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