Excerpt: Pippa of Lauramore by Shari L. Tapscott

SLT- 1;a Pippa of Lauramore

Title: Pippa of Lauramore
Author: Shari L Tapscott
Genre: Fantasy and Romance
Published Date: February 18, 2016


“You look lost in thought,” Galinor says, a soft smile on his perfect lips.

“Have you ever wanted something you shouldn’t- couldn’t -have?”

My hair is falling from its braid. He winds a golden strand around his finger until the gold is completely covered by dark red. He looks up, his face serious. “I want you.”

I feel myself blush, and a smile comes unbidden to my face. “But you can have me. That’s the whole point of the tournament.”

“I don’t think I should. I won’t lie – you terrify me, Pippa.”

I take a deep breath. “Then why do you fight for me?”

He leans close to my ear. “Because I can’t help myself.”

A giggle escapes, and I have to bite my lip. I could be happy with Galinor, I really could.

My gaze wanders to Archer. His jaw is hard, and there’s fire in his eyes. He pretends not to notice us, but I saw how he looked away when I glanced up.

Perhaps I could be happy with Galinor, but only if I can forget that look in Archer’s eyes.

About the Author


Shari L Tapscott writes young adult fantasy and humorous contemporary fiction. When she’s not writing or reading, she enjoys gardening, making soap, and pretending she can sing. She loves white chocolate mochas, furry animals, spending time with her family, and characters who refuse to behave.

Tapscott lives in western Colorado with her husband, son, daughter, and two very spoiled Saint Bernards.

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