Impulse, Shane Hall

SH- 1;a ImpulseA future where singing is a felony and music is banned.
Keep quiet or face the consequences.

Hundreds of years after nuclear devastation, the world is forever changed. All forms of loud noise are illegal. Offenders are cast out once a year, into the hopeless, irradiated wastelands.

But it’s not the rebels who face the greatest threats. The dark powers who maintain the status quo set their sights on several innocent, brilliant college students.

They push a young doctor-to-be into a conspiracy, putting his reputation, family, and life under fire. They raise a girl into becoming a gorgeous, coveted celebrity, a puppet to please the masses. And they force a boy and girl to rendezvous in the secrecy of a singer group in the desert, hiding their forbidden relationship.

Page Count: 118
Published Date: May 26, 2015


*received a copy via InstaFreebie*

****STARS: 3.7****

Well this serial was pretty cool! A bit different for me with the constant change in POV but I enjoyed the suspense and consistent flow of the story. A world where singers are banned, and loud noises can get you arrested- or worse, exiled… I really liked the way the characters were built up, how with every chapter spent with one person brought a whole new light to another. And what a unique concept of a Dystopia!

Now, the beginning hooked me right in, but I got confused a few times, and it usually had to do with the reason for the world’s existence. Exactly why was noise banned? Because of the wars, and everyone wanted silence? This wasn’t very clear to me, but perhaps I somehow missed the explanation placed in an inconspicuous area of the story.

Aside from the confusion, the drama was also a bit silly. I couldn’t help but laugh when I probably should have been more concerned for some people. lol. Really, though, at least two were way more dramatic and I mean dramatic. You’ll see.

Overall, an exciting read that builds itself up with every secret revealed and plot exposed.

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling

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