Full-Bodied by Laney Castro

LC- Full-Bodied

Title: Full-Bodied
Laney Castro
Page Count:
Published Date: 11.9.2015
Rate: 4.5/5

*gifted a copy from author in exchange for honest review*

A sweet and short new adult romance.

Is a second chance still possible if the person you once loved is no longer the person you once knew?

Jill Hastings gets a huge shock when her former flame Ken Kimura shows up at her farm-to-table lunch. He’s intent on picking up where they left off, but is the new Jill ready for a shot with an old love?

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It was cute. My favorite part is the way Castro slipped in the story while Jill was thinking of ways she could lose a job. Funny, mixed with the familiar beginnings of love… and the heartache of it.

Despite this being a short story, I got some good feels from it. I’m not really used to reading a short story (unless you count the ones in college) so some things felt like they needed more elaboration, but at the same time, enough was said to keep me satisfied.

And it’s in Hawaii? Definitely a cute story to check out.

“Don’t worry, this time I’m not going anywhere.”

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling

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