Almost There


So we’ve been pretty busy, trying to balance reading time with our blog and making sure that our family obligations were taken care of. Never realized how hard it could be to split oneself between so many things. College should’ve taught us that, but if we’re being honest here, we’ve never really liked school up until about a year ago. Anyway, we hope to start blogging about our days when we find a good book or if something particular happens to us. We’re on nanny duty (day off today) and will be for some time, so we’ve only been able to read when the little one’s sleeping or occupied with his little trains. We think we’ve only ever touched our laptop at night these past few weeks, with the exception of nap time, but that doesn’t really count.

We have to wonder. How do mothers watch their children and take care of their work? It’s quite hard, to be honest. It takes a while for us to go from one type of mindset to another. Pretty draining, really, but thankfully reading happens to be a drug that effects only our eyesight and paling skin.

Long story short, we’re really excited about being able to review our reads on a daily level. Books are our passion, and it’s a dream to be able to talk about them in the hopes that others will enjoy them, as well. For now Kole Writes will just be a reviewing blog, with the exception of rants that we’re still trying to figure out, but otherwise?

Here’s to happy reading this weekend 🙂


The Little Darlings

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