Shadow Born, Jasmine Walt & Rebecca Hamilton

JW- Shadow BornChicago Police Detective Brooke Chandler is keeping a secret…
and if she’s not careful, it could get her killed.

Brooke is no stranger to the supernatural. In Chicago, vampires are just as prevalent as drug lords…
and infinitely more bloodthirsty.

So when her partner and fiance dies in a mysterious fire while chasing down a lead in Salem, she suspects something dark and otherworldly is at play.

Blessed with the ability to see into the past by touching inanimate objects, Brooke transfers to the Salem PD, hoping her talent will help her get to the bottom of things. Between dodging assassination attempts and being stonewalled at every turn, the going is tough. Add in a mysterious fae club owner with secrets of his own and a personal grudge against her, and it becomes nearly impossible.

If Brooke wants to play in the supernatural sandbox, she’s going to have to roll up her sleeves and get dirty. But how many people will have to die for Brooke to discover the truth about her fiance?

And is she even ready to know?

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Title: Shadow Born
Series: Shadows of Salem #1
Author: Jasmine Walt+Rebecca Hamilton
Publisher: Dynamo Press

Source: Amazon
Pages: 263
Date: 8.16.16
Rating: 3.7/5


Dear Reader,

Okay first off, the title kind of gives the major reveal away so I don’t really know how to feel about that. XD I had a rough start, but by the end, I was satisfied.

“I’m a woman, and you should damn well start treating me like one instead of like a child who can’t take care of herself.”

“Fine.” Maddock’s hands banded around my upper arms, and I gasped as he yanked me forward. “Then yer about to find out what happens when a woman drapes herself across my desk.”

Oh shit! So good things first: it was hot when it was hot, and mildly creepy and suspenseful when Brooke went to investigate the goings-on of supernatural activity in Salem. The writing was good, the plot was sound, and majority of it was interesting. I LOVE Maddock because he’s a green-eyed fae with a Scottish accent and I’m a total sucker for those types. He was also pretty funny, and I enjoyed how he suffered through Brooke’s relentlessness with things.

When I first read this, I was interested, but when she kept expecting everything to go her way, and got mad when it didn’t, I was a bit turned off. Maddock called her entitled, and I agree. But I know that’s not always a bad thing. I’m going to take what I learned from another book I just read and say that she’s like a member of the royal family: she thinks she deserves everything she wants and should get what she wants just because she thinks it and works hard for it. Nothing wrong with knowing what you want and wanting it. Badly. However, it is not the type of character I can easily click with, so I’m afraid to say that I felt like a switch with this book, constantly being turned off and on.

Maddock kept my shit together, and the hot moments between them got me more excited for the next chapter (not to mention the whole case itself) but otherwise, it was an okay read for me. The book was sound, of course, but personally, I just couldn’t get into it as much as I was hoping to.

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling

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