You’re Exactly Where You Should Be

I recently read a post by BayArt (feel free to check it out and converse) and it had me thinking on a few things that have been on my mind these past few weeks. By law, I’m an adult, but as a human being, I’m still a young thing trying to figure out my life.

In society, we’re to get our education, seize hold of a job worth bragging about, and maintain an ambiance of friendliness and a voluntary need to interact with a certain circle in your life or risk isolation. Mind you, I am a bit biased with this point of view, but I must admit that it is a fair plan of safety and stability. To be able to say you have a home or food in your fridge is something we all want. To say the same for your children is something I think I shouldn’t have to clarify.

As a young adult still finding one’s way in the world, I am quite at an interesting position. According to society, I should have been graduated and working at a job that my school and/or connections had helped me achieve in gaining. I should be on my own, if not still living with friends to cut the rent. And God forbid I still live with my parents (though as a member of an Asian family with friends in the same position, I do say that it’s rather normal but anyway…)

My main thing is this: society may pressure you to living your life a certain way. It can feel judgmental and restraining if handled a certain way. And if your life is anything but ordinary, you can bet that the following should be taken a certain way:

Find what you love and never give up on it

In my experience, it’s all about sacrifice. To obtain the long-term goals, give up the small things that won’t amount to what you really want. I’m talking about trips to the shoe store, manicures, Barnes & Noble (I know. Trust me, I know) or junk food and nights out that you know won’t really leave you with any lasting satisfaction. Believe it or not, these things can add up when put on the side rather than wasted away.

Work with what life gives you

Life is as unpredictable as the weather. Or your cat, for those who share my pain. One of the things people find it hard to accept is that no matter how hard or precise you plan, something will always go wrong, and you can only be so resilient for so long before you do more than bend.

It’s easier to accept that things do happen, and let life live. Let. Life. Live. You’ll find that you learn a lot of things about yourself when you come to- can you guess? –accept what you’re given, and adapt. Nothing is coincidence. Everything truly does happen for a reason. You may not understand it when it happens, and sometimes it takes more than a few years for the whole picture to come into perspective. But it will happen, and the best thing to do is to think:

“This is now my life. What amazing things will I learn today?”

You’ll crack. You’ll break, shout or sleep. But you’re living. Everything you do up to this point contributes to the way you want your life to be. All it takes is one thought of curiosity, one genuine yearning to love what you can learn, and it all changes.

You just have to be perceptive to the good things that come your way, understanding of the bad things, and genuinely curious about the unpleasant.

Leave a comment if you have something to share 🙂


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