My Russian Beast by Marian Tee

2a-my-russian-beastProfessionally accomplished but socially awkward, Fredericka Spears can’t ask for anything else in her life except for one thing – to know the pleasure of a man’s possession. The truth is, she’s tired of being a virgin. She’s tired of pleasuring herself while fantasizing about a man she can never have.

A man who’s beautiful, powerful, and, well, six years younger–

Like she says: he’s a man she can’t ever have.

To put an end to her agony and stupid fantasies, Fredericka decides to take a lover, but guess who volunteers for the job?

The beautiful, powerful, and younger Russian billionaire Sergei Grachyov – also known as that man she can’t ever have.

Title: My Russian Beast
Series: Friends with Billionaires #1
Author: Marian Tee

Source: eBook ARC via author
Pages: 308
Date: 9.6.16
Rating: 3.7/5


*Note: My Russian Beast is a hot full-length standalone (no-cliffhanger) billionaire romance. It also includes Book 1 of my Russian stepbrother romance trilogy, When I Moan*
*WARNING: spoilers*

Dear Reader,

I liked this book, but it was a very short read that skipped to all the main points in the main characters’ lives, and by this I mean time jumps were made rather frequently, going from dramatic memory to dramatic memory. There weren’t enough pages, in my personal opinion as a reader, to build up the story. Now don’t get me wrong, I totally got the story and it freaked me out, got me hot, all that fun stuff. All the skips just seemed… peculiar to me.

Since there’s another story in here, I cut the page count in half which means roughly, the story is actually about 146-154. Even with that good amount of pages, the story still felt rushed through. When I was in the moment, it was totally fine, but when months, or even a year, passed, it just made me feel like things were being skipped. Nothing crucial, but skipped nonetheless, especially when people’s names or some information were being dropped. I wanted to meet these so-called special people. I wanted to see him/her get better, or worse.

Fredericka is a very insecure person because her mother was the older parent in the relationship, a young woman in her twenties when she married her eighteen-year-old father. When her dad left her mom to fend for herself, only to die from working herself too hard, it left a very dark impression on Freddie. It’s why she freaked out so much when Sergei, a hot billionaire who doesn’t take to liars, told her he was six years her junior. So I get that she didn’t want a repeat, and I get that she was very insecure and scared for history repeating itself. To be honest, it was a bit hard to go through all the drama with her, but he was relentless, and he proved her fears wrong at every turn.

What I didn’t get was the ending. Sergei seemed so good at handling Freddie, so for him to do the ONE thing he knows he shouldn’t, just seemed too stupid to be real. But then again, we’re all human, and since this is a romance about misunderstandings, I can’t exactly fault him for his mistakes or her for her self-sabotaging attitude.

I got some good feels with this. The first sexy time was a bit aggressive for me because I didn’t know Fredericka that well. I like being held down as much as the next person, but with Freddie and Sergei, I just feel like- well. I’m just glad he quickly learned that with Freddie, he couldn’t make her see her attraction to him. If anything, that’s what this whole book is about, him being patient and entering her life stealthily, her finally sucking it up and realizing that she wants him and can have him.

Overall, their issues (mainly hers) made the flow a little rocky for me, but the sex scenes were hot, the funny moments were ridiculous and silly, and I got to see some old characters that I’ve greatly missed. I definitely plan on reading the next book in this series, and if you enjoy silly characters, hot moments and drama, totally check this out. You’ll either love or want to strangle this author.

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling

Stylish man

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