Blogging Goals

Hi guys!

So, my life has been dedicated to watching the little one for a few months now, and I’ve struggled to balance my energy split between the teacup and my reading/blogging. It’s hard, to say the least, and not very healthy if I’m up so late trying to get these reviews on the blog every night.

I don’t think I could ever stop blogging about books, but I do intend to lighten the load a bit. I won’t post a review every day, but I still want to maintain a good number of five books a week. It leaves the weekends open for whatever else I’d like to do, and it takes off the pressure of having to have something every single day because- well, if you’ve been around kids, you know that it isn’t always a consecutive week. Something always happen, whether it’s them, or you. I’ve come to terms with myself and accepted that I need those two days.

All in all, October will be a new month and I plan on getting a few books already done so that I can have the time to fawn and fangirl over other things. I’m still a bookwyrm with stalkerish needs, after all. 🙂

Until then,

A Little Darling


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