Betrayed by Magic, Jasmine Walt


For most women, being newly engaged to the love of your life is a time of celebration. But Sunaya’s happiness is overshadowed by loss. Her friends have not returned from their quest to bring back Noria, and though the Resistance has been beaten back, they are far from vanquished.

When the Minister sends Sunaya and Iannis to destroy an important Resistance stronghold, Sunaya is torn between the desire to help her friends and defend her country. But soon she finds that the two are not as unrelated as she imagined… and in order to accomplish both, she must put her trust in a man who has betrayed her.

Genre: New Adult Fantasy
Title: Betrayed by Magic
Series: The Baine Chronicles #5
Author: Jasmine Walt
Publisher: Blue Bolt Publishing

Source: Amazon
Pages: 228
Date: 9.12.16
Rating: 4/5



Dear Reader,

I’m in love with this series, so already I feel like you should get your ass into gear and read the first book. Walt’s writing is great; words flow, she really makes Sunaya into a real person, and the world’s this huge thing that just clicks into my head like I’m a returning visitor going over the magical bridge.

It’s because of my near obsession with this series that I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t more. Don’t get me wrong, this was a great read deserving of five stars! But it read more like the second book, something that I could’ve skipped and still be up to date with the big picture. The first and fourth book really moved with the plot, but the second, third and this (fifth) one read more as fillers for me, small sacs of information that are related to the big picture, but aren’t really important major instances in the series (like Sunaya meeting Iannis in book one, or the large uprising battle in the last book).

The beginning sucked me in, they had leisure time that I too enjoyed, but when I realized that it was literally just going to be about them rescuing Noria, that’s when I started to lose interest. Sure, there’s a ‘secret mission’ that coincides with the same place Noria was in, but come on, what are the odds of Sunaya getting a lucky break? I won’t go on into details, but personally, I didn’t enjoy this as much as I wanted to. I wanted new information and more steps into figuring out who the Benefactor is, especially if I was going to sit through them saving a person I don’t like. Noria’s a stubborn bitch who lets her prejudice and selective anger effect her actions. She was almost responsible for genocide, for shit’s sake, and she still had the audacity to shit on her sister and friends’ effort to rescue her ass from the compound the mages were going to blow up. Didn’t leave me with good feelings, buddy.

Despite the need to choke Noria until she developed a new personality, this is till a book- fuck, a series -that I’d really want you to check out. The world’s solid, I love all the delicious and dastard (except Noria) characters, and the plot’s interesting enough to keep me coming for more. This is easily one of the authors I don’t hesitate to buy from.

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling


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