Dare to Love by CP Santi

cp-santi-dare-to-loveRestoration architect Giada Manahan’s heart has begun to resemble the adobe walls she loves.

At least that’s what her friends say. But Gia knows better—she’s just being cautious. After all, as a single mom, her kids are her first priority.

But one drunken night, her friends push her into a trippy crystal healing ritual. Gia thinks it’s a joke… until a few days later, she finds a half-naked stranger in her bed.

Hot, tatted anthropologist Alex Roces is exactly the kind of guy Gia should avoid. But when they end up sharing a house, Gia finds Alex’s charms increasingly difficult to resist.

Will Gia continue to keep the walls around her heart?

Or will she finally give in to its demands?

Genre: Religion & Spirituality, Romance
Title: Dare to Love
Author: C.P. Santi

Source: ARC via author
Pages: 165
Date: 10.18.16
Rating: 4.5/5


Dear Reader,

This was so freaking adorable! I loved the writing style, loved the characters, and I especially loved the story.

Gia’s the firecracker island in a sea of religious family members. Her own twin’s a priest, for heaven’s sake. They’re all kind and cool, mind you, but when it comes to expectations, Gia has always felt like she’s struggled with being good. She’s a single mother to a pair of the cutest twins you’ll ever meet, with equally mischievous minds (serves her and Nic right lol) and when you add in all her uncles and friends, it’s more than obvious that she’s surrounded by love.

So why is she so closed off to it?

When Gia meets Alex, it’s an immediate red flag. Fear rules where love should be thriving, and this book is all about love and faith for this architect. Her struggle to believe again was a fun and easy ride. It was all very sweet and hilarious with the other people and Alex. Even when things were a little teary-eyed, it was still done lightly. I think it’s the author’s writing style; reminds me of very soft pastel colors, like some other writers I could name.

Alex was a dreamboat with his passion and patience for Gia. The whole thing was just enjoyable. I don’t always read pure romances, but if I were to, it’d be stories like this: lightly intense with teary giggles. Definitely a book to check out when it releases tomorrow (18th).

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling

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