The Forgotten Tale by JM Frey

tft-frontForsyth Turn has finally become a hero–however reluctantly.

But now that Lucy Piper has married him and they’ve started a family in her world, his adventuring days are behind him. Yet not all is as it should be. Beloved novels are disappearing at an alarming rate, not just from the minds of readers like Pip, but from bookshelves as well. Almost as if they had never been. Almost like magic.

Forsyth fears that it is his fault–that Pip’s childhood takes are vanishing because he, a book character, has escaped his pages. But when he and Pip are sucked back into the Tales of Kintyre Turn against their will, they realize that something much more deadly and dire is happening. The stories are vanishing from Forsyth’s world too. So Forsyth sets out on a desperate journey across Hain to discover how, and why, the stories are disappearing… before their own world vanishes forever.

In this clever follow-up to The Untold Tale, The Forgotten Tale questions what it means to create a legacy, and what we owe to those who come after us.

Genre: Epic Fantasy
Title: The Forgotten Tale
Series: The Accidental Turn #2
Author: JM Frey
Publisher: REUTS Publications

Source: ARC via REUTS Publications
Pages: 398
Date: 12.6.16
Rating: 4/5

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If you haven’t read the first book…

25024487Forsyth Turn is not a hero.

Lordling of Turn Hall and Lysse Chipping, yes. Spymaster for the king, certainly. But hero? That’s his older brother’s job, and Kintyre Turn is nothing if not legendary. However, when a raid on the kingdom’s worst criminal results in the rescue of a bafflingly blunt woman, oddly named and even more oddly mannered, Forsyth finds his quaint, sedentary life is turned on its head.

Dragged reluctantly into a quest he never expected, and fighting villains that even his brother has never managed to best, Forsyth is forced to confront his own self-shame and the demons that come with always being second-best. And, more than that, when he finally realizes where Lucy came from and why she’s here, he’ll be forced to question not only his place in the world, but the very meaning of his own existence.

Smartly crafted, The Untold Tale gives agency to the unlikeliest of heroes: the silenced, the marginalized, and the overlooked. It asks what it really means to be a fan when the worlds you love don’t resemble the world you live in, celebrates the power of the written word, challenges tropes, and shows us what happens when someone stands up and refuses to remain a secondary character in their own life.

Read my 5/5 STAR review

About the Author

jmfrey_author-photoToronto-based J.M. Frey (pronounced “fry”) is a science fiction and fantasy author, as well as a fanthropologist and pop culture scholar who appears in podcasts, documentaries, and on television to discuss all things geeky through the lens of academia. Her debut novel TRIPTYCH has been nominated for two Lambda Literary Awards, won the San Francisco Book Festival award for SF/F, was nominated for a 2011 CBC Bookie, was named one of The Advocate’s Best Overlooked Books of 2011, and garnered both a starred review and a place among the Best Books of 2011 from Publishers Weekly.

Check her out.
|| J.M. Frey ||

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Dear Reader,

It starts off a little after the first book’s ending. Loved seeing him with his happy family and how, for a time, life was perfect. And then things started going wrong.

An evil left unattended has resurfaced, seeking revenge and justice for the wrong that’s occurred. Unlike the first book, this one gets multiple POVs, the MCs and the antagonist’s side to the story. The antagonist was pretty interesting, what with the things that happened being pretty relatable. God only knows what I’d do if I were in that position.

Still, crazy is crazy so let’s not think about it too much lol

This book read more like relationships were the absolute focus, concentrating on everyone’s new lives and the responsibilities they took on, wanted or not. Drama was still here, and the epic adventures still came into play, if treated a little differently, I thought.

Yes, Lucy is still a bitch haha but I do love that she forgives quicker. Hasn’t lost her temper, that one, but at least she’s grown enough to know when to stop being a bully towards her husband. Some of the things they went through were cringe-worthy mainly because I don’t like when happily ever after’s are questioned or deeply analyzed, but in this case, it all worked out. Like The Untold Tale, their relationship and Forsyth’s lesson-learning entertained me enough to read this thing in a single sitting. I was a little bummed about it being a few hundred pages less than the first book, but I thought it still got its point across. I couldn’t help but think that it wasn’t as exciting as the first, as it felt more like a part two than another great installment in a series, but overall, I thought it was a good read.

The writing style is great, nice and fluffy with the details and monologue that doesn’t bore. Forsyth is a character that has easily endeared himself to me, and I just kinda like how everything was tied up… except for the same evil that may or may not still be lurking about.

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling


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