Animus by X. Kovak

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Lucas is on the path to vengeance, but if he wants to live, he’ll have to play it smart. For example, infiltrating an enemy pack as is will get him killed, but with an impressive amount of restraint, major focus, and a stubborn personality, he manages to conceal his Alpha wolf and appear as a weak, docile Omega looking for a place to belong.

It’s a hard journey for a boy with a broken heart, but when you have nothing to lose, is it really all that hard to risk it all?

Genre: Shifter
Title: Animus
Series: Sinful Supes Story
Author: X. Kovak

Source: Kovak’s mailing list
Rating: 5/5

About the Author

Young anonymous woman portrait, rocker wearing.

Xandrie Kovak writes for mature teens. X. KOVAK writes for adults. Just about any XK book is rife with beautiful monsters, reader discretion advised labels, and romance of the dark variety. Basically, XK writes the kind of stories your mother warned you about.

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Kill Her

Dear Reader,

Kovak writes YA for mature teens so there’s a lot of gory details of death, fights and mentions of sexual assault. With that said, I gotta say I fucking enjoyed it.

It was so weird reading this cause the MC’s fourteen, but he’s so bloody intense, and then there’s the story that’s just rolling you down the hill and you can’t stop- like wow. I really enjoyed the writing style with this and the pacing that kept my attention. All the introduced characters, recurring (The Fervor) or new, were all special in their little way and some even had shocking stories of their own. To find out more, I urge you to sign up and find out for yourself.

Want to check out an author who writes sexy and gory? Xandrie Kovak is definitely someone to look out for.

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling

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The Fervor


Gorgeous cover, right?

Well join Claire in this Sinful Supes story, because the Supes are out, the government is beginning the segregation, and it’s forced Claire into a Supes program in her college.
All because of a little bit of Supes blood in her veins.

Thanks, grandma.

If you thought night class was risky, just imagine what it’s like
for prey, a bunny, in class,
with all the other hungry wolves and monsters.

Claire better learn how to run in this night class,
because when the sun goes down,
it’s eat or be eaten.

And Claire’s smelling mighty fine, tonight.


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