The Lost Healer, Rachel Robins

rachel-robins-1a-the-lost-healerWhen raiders come to Daelfjord, Frida is taken away from her home and everyone she’s ever known, doomed to a life of slavery. Although she belongs to Agnarr, lord of Groenthjal, she can’t seem to escape the attention of Deagal, the town’s resident magician. Sparks fly as their personalities clash, but it is eventually Daegal who helps her escape from the raiders.

The magician has his own plans for Friday’s newfound freedom, however, and it isn’t for her to return home to Daelfjord. Instead, he is convinced that her very existence was prophecized and that she will be instrumental in battling the evil forces coming from the Borderlands. All Frida wants is to return home, to her comfortable life of healing the sick and wounded, but it seems that fate has other plans for her. Will she eventually get what she wants? Or will she only trade Agnarr’s slavery for Daegal’s control?

Genre: Fantasy
Title: The Lost Healer
Series: Fortress Invasion #1
Author: Rachel Robins

Source: Rachel Robins
Pages: 98
Date: 12.7.16
Rating: 4/5


Dear Reader,

I really liked this one. As a hardcore lover of that fantasy flavor, it wasn’t hard to get into. Like second skin, slipping into this. It quickly introduces you to Frida, the healer of Daelfjord and our main character of the story. When her home is attacked by notorious raiders, she disguises herself as a man to avoid getting raped, but like the other men, get taken back on their ship to become slaves.

It’s here that the chief’s magician comes to her aid, but can she really trust him? Or should she listen to that little voice in her head?

So I loved the writing. There’s nothing better than finding a book that plays the stories right into your head like you’re not reading something. Frida was self-efficient, stubborn and determined. When she got help from Daegal, the romance aspect slowly began to build, and I was surprised. I honestly didn’t know if or who her love interest would be, and seeing as it’s only 98 pages, I was wondering just what kind of story I’d get.

A few things could’ve been explored a page or two more only because everything else seemed so perfect in comparison, but otherwise, I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to find out what happens next.

 Happy Reading,

A Little Darling


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