Deceived by Magic by Jasmine Walt

jasmine-walt-1f-deceived-by-magicIf Sunaya and Iannis thought there would be time to rest after returning from their last mission, they are solely mistaken.

The Minister sends them to face off with yet more dangerous enemies — this time in a lawless port in remote Garai, where pirates and slavers thrive, and everyone is fair game.

To hide their undercover mission, Sunaya and Iannis travel to Garai as official guests to a state funeral.

But Sunaya’s luck runs out when she finds out her father is on the guest list, and worse, runs straight into him and his family. For now, her deadly secret is safe.

But once they discover her true identity, they may not be willing to suffer her alive…

Genre: New Adult Fantasy
Title: Deceived by Magic
Series: The Baine Chronicles #6
Author: Jasmine Walt
Publisher: Dynamo Press

Source: Amazon
Pages: 247
Date: 12.26.16
Rating: 4/5



Dear Reader,

Walt is one of the few authors I’ll buy as soon as a new book comes out. I love Sunaya Baine, the shifter-mage who’s been through a lot and now is rewarded for eating all that shit and still being who she is to this day. I’ve actually got a lot of good things to say about this series, but while my rating is a solid four stars, I’m more wary than excited.

There’s about two books (not including this) in the series that felt more like fillers than actual plot lines that fed the overall picture. Think of subplots, and how it does relate to the big thing but not directly towards it. Some may be okay with that, but I’m not. I got like maybe three books that really blew my mind with where they took the story and how invested they made me want to be in the characters. The other books…

smile sigh latino relief latinawomen

And that’s disappointing for me as a fangirl to this world and the author’s writing because I have such high expectations for the stories to match up with Sunaya. She’s a tough woman who’s fought to be a good enforcer, to live despite her illegal-born magic, and she kept her fucking back straight when most would’ve collapsed under the gaze of Iannis. She’s done a lot, so seeing as it’s the sixth book, I’d like to at least see some of that hard work get put to good use. Like taking down the assholes who are trying to kill her for once, or tackle the rebels or that idiot pastor spewing all kinds of shit.

I get it. She and Iannis totally deserve their ‘honeymoon’ now that they’re finally out in the open and together, but there’s only so much HEA with the small missions that I can take because eventually, I’ll start to actually ask myself if buying the next installment is really something I want to do.

‘Do I really want to buy it now, or is it another filler?’

So with that aside, I’ve got to say that while this book was pretty exciting what with them entering Garai and going ninja, a few things fell flat for me. Like: her father, whose identity was a huge mystery that really hooked me in. For him to just get thrown in here and added in some chapters was just weird. Then there was the assassination on her life: a bit obvious on who it was, especially once certain characters were introduced to the readers. You’d have to be dense or purposefully ignorant to not know who sent them. So that killed the suspense. The journey through Garai was pretty sick and I liked what they did, but at the same time, it just didn’t feel as deep as some of the other things. It was a fast-paced breeze through some seriously interesting shit that could’ve blown my mind if we had more time together.

Like the last time, I’m hoping that this is all just build up to a very mind-blowing installment of the Baine Chronicles. I love the author’s imagination, her writing is just great and clicks with me, and her characters are legit! Just, you know… a badass heroine deserves nothing less than a badass series. So, you know…

reaction community all eh ken jeong
Get to cracking, Sunaya. Baine. Your HEA isn’t here, yet.

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling

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