Hook by Adrienne Bell

adrienne-bell-1a-hookThis might not be Neverland, but then again, he’s not your mother’s Captain Hook.

Mercy Herrera’s daily life is a well-ordered machine. Between work, volunteering, and finishing her degree, she doesn’t have room for distractions. So when a dangerously seductive stranger sweeps into her life promising the solutions to all her problems, Mercy doesn’t have time for his antics. Not until mysterious forces upend her world — the kind her rational mind tell her can’t possibly exist.

Infamous thief, James Hook knows all about chaos. Back in the Fae Realm, he wove enough trouble to earn himself a one-way ticket to exile. Now he’s been banished to a world without magic, and his only hope of getting back home hinges on stealing the heart of the one woman who seems immune to his charm.

But when a simple mistake turns into a disaster, the pair are thrust into the fight of their lives, and forced to make a gut-wrenching decision

risk their hearts, or stand alone against fate.

Part thrilling fantasy, part romantic comedy, and filled with plenty of action, HOOK is the first novel in the Exiles of the Realm paranormal romance series.

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Title: Hook
Series: Exiles of the Realm #1
Author: Adrienne Hook

Source: IndieSage PR
Pages: 242
Date: 2.14.17
Rating: 5/5


US | UK | CA | AU | DE
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Dear Reader,

I’m a huge fan of Neverland and its occupants, so when I saw that one of its infamous cods was a catch of the day in this new world called The Realm, I had to check it out. I mean, who doesn’t love adaptations of their favorite fairy tales?

James Hook is one of the greatest thieves in King Oberon’s realm, but his last act of the ten-finger discount lands him on a one-way trip to exile: Earth. Along with four other men, both dangerous and notorious for their roles against the king, these men are given two terms if they wanna come back.

1) Break down the gate
2) Find someone to love

It’s all about finding a way to exact revenge on the fae king, but with the second term, things should be more difficult. Power and love? James takes it in stride.

This was a hilarious, sweet and Jesus-Yes read. I really liked that Mercy didn’t like him, and vice versa. Yes, there was attraction, but my favorite part was seeing them slowly like and appreciate each other for what they were. James’ character development was another favorite thing to witness, to see him go from someone who actually only cared about himself to learning to love another. The ending was a little fast in comparison to how everything else flowed in the beginning, but otherwise, I thought it was a great story. The thought of a bunch of hot fairy tales come to life is the hook in, and once you get into this series, you’ll find that you really enjoy them in the real world. They’re so much better.

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling

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