Excerpt: Too Wilde to Tame by Tonya Burrows


Genre: Romance, Mystery & Suspense
Title: Too Wilde To Tame
Series: Wilde Security #5
Author: Tonya Burrows
Pages: 242
Date: 2.27.17

Publisher: Entangled: Ignite


For three years, ballet teacher Natalie Taggart has lived across the hall from grumpy, reclusive, sexy Greer Wilde. Save for a handful of hellos and the occasional heated glance, they never spoke to each other.

Until the morning Greer lands on her doorstep, bleeding, beaten, and bullet-riddled.

Greer doesn’t need or want her help. He has only one goal: revenge. And nobody– not his brothers, and certainly not his too-hot-for-his-sanity next-door neighbor –is going to get in his way.


Too complicated, he reminded himself. Too close.

His angel.

But maybe that was exactly why he should give in to the urge. If he got her out of his system, he’d be able to put more distance between them. As long as she was an unknown, she’d be an enticement, a distraction, but once he had her, she’d fall from the damn pedestal he’d placed her on and he could get on with his mission.

Mind made up, he faced her. “Do you want to fuck?”

Laughter burst from her in a disbelieving huff of air.

“Wow. That was romantic.”

“I’m not talking about romance. I don’t do romance. I’m talking about hot, hard, down and dirty fucking. No strings, no emotions. Just you, me, and an itch that needs scratched.”

“Oh.” Her breath hitched. “Oh, you’re serious.”

“I”m really not.”

“That’s a shame. You’d look good with a smile.” She studied him from across the length of the couch, and the heat in her eyes sent blood rushing to his cock. He didn’t bother hiding the bulge growing at the front of his pants. No point since she always knew what he wanted. The ball was in her court now. What happened next was all up to her.

“I thought I was too complicated,” she said finally.

“You are.”

She stayed silent for another long beat, and he saw the exact moment she made her decision. Her breathing quickened, and color bloomed across her cheeks. “If I say yes?”

“If you say yes…” He leaned over and tugged on her feet peeking out from under her nightshirt. He pulled her legs straight, traced his hands up from firm calves to her knees. She had a scar on her left kneecap about three inches long. He leaned over and dragged his tongue along it as he pushed her legs open. “I want these legs around me.”

His hands continued northward, tracing the soft flesh of her inner thighs. She wasn’t wearing underwear, but he stopped just short of touching her. “If you say yes, I’ll fuck you until you can’t walk. And then when you come screaming, I’ll flip you over the back of this couch and do it all again from behind.”

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