Set in Stone by Kylie C. Stewart

Kylie Stewart- 1;a Set in Stone

Life as she knew it had ended…

When Alexandria York fatefully met the Duke of Avalon in the woods she never imagined she’d be working for him. A rising star of the art scene in London, Alexandria agrees to commission a piece for the infamous noble. His intentions quickly become confusing as chemistry grows between the two. As she dreams of the man she can’t have, the one who lures her deeper into his lair. Will the man she once loved be her Knight in shining armor and slay the Dragon? Or will the Dragon consume her before it’s too late?

In this life, his heart was the stone and her love was the sword…

The Duke of Avalon has lived a long and lonely life. He has chased his love through the centuries and every time she has jilted him, but not this time. Tormented by inner demons, Avalon seeks to keep his secret safe while vowing to win Alexandria York. When his former charge, Lancer Rivers comes back into both their lives, he finds he has more than one challenger for her hand. Can he protect Alexandria not only from the man after her very life, but also himself?

Kylie C. Stewart joins the myth of King Arthur and his Knights of the ‘Round to modern day. Join Avalon and Alexandria on an adventure full of magic, adventure, and romance.
For once is in the past, and the future is now.

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Title: Set in Stone
Series: Legend #1
Author: Kylie C. Stewart
Publisher: TCK Publishing

Source: Kylie C. Stewart
Pages: 284
Date: 2.19.17
Rating: 4/5


US | UK | CA | AU | DE

Dear Reader,

This book’s rating floats around a 4 out of 5 stars for me because while it was a really interesting idea, the whole thing just felt a little too complicated with not enough positivity to balance it out for me. Take this as my own personal opinion, because I’m going back and forth with it. On one hand, I found Arthur contradicting and hard to root for. He’d go from loving her and wanting to keep her safe to hating her and wanting to use her to save himself. I felt like I was missing something huge, and even though I knew about the love triangle from older stories, I was still lost at times.

It’s hard to understand the first few pages because you have no idea what’s going on, and it isn’t until the end that things are cleared up, but by then it’s done with and you don’t have any more time to enjoy what you just got. So like… I don’t know. I really liked the writing and how much it made me think, but a lot was going on, so again, I would’ve enjoyed it more if I’d been given time to actually do the enjoying. You know?

The hot scenes were scorching, and the dangerous part of Arthur was indeed enticing. Alex’s conflicts with him was sometimes relatable, sometimes unbearable, but the ending totally made me smile, if not frown again after realizing that it ends on a cliffhanger (but a super sweet one, so it makes up for it)

Nonetheless, if you enjoy King Arthur stories, complicated relationships and a fun duration at a certain dark duke’s home filled with sexy dreams, check this out.

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling


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