A Soul to Take by Emily Taylor

Emily Taylor- 1;a A Soul to Take

Dying is the least of Elixia’s worries.

The world has changed: demons of legend now live among humans, integrated into society through Government programs, wishing for peace.

Elixia Albelin, however, isn’t sold. As an Agent-in-training, she knows firsthand the blood-thirst of demons and isn’t jumping to befriend the monsters plaguing her dreams.

But when a mission sours, Elixia’s sister is caught in the crossfire: taken. Abandoned by those meant to protect her family, Elixia is left with only one option if she wants to retrieve her sister – a taboo option that goes against everything she believes in.

She must sell her soul.

Now, bound to a beast and living on borrowed time, Elixia has to navigate the demonic world to find her sister within a cesspool of human traffickers and serial killers. Enemies control her fate, the simplest truths are questioned, and misperceptions must be shattered. Only one thing remains consistent – Elixia must find her sister before time runs out.

Or become the very thing she fears most: a soulless monster.

Gritty, powerful, and exciting. A Soul to Take is a gripping debut that explores prejudice, justice, and the consequences one family faces when those two collide.

Genre:  New Adult Paranormal
Title: A Soul to Take
Series: Soul Stealers #1
Author: Emily Taylor
Publisher: REUTS Publications

Source: REUTS Publications
Pages: 481
Date: 4.4.17
Rating: 5/5


Dear Reader,

I really liked this one. Full of demons, mystery and action (of the violent and social variety), A Soul to Take reminded me of the many popular books I like to be peer-pressured into reading. The writing style was both straight to the point and suspenseful, giving me the ability to feel about as lost as Elixia did when she set on the journey to bring back her sister. From where? Well, that’s the question, isn’t it?

I think one of my favorite parts about this writing style was how the clues weren’t too obvious but not completely oblique, giving me the chance to either figure it all out alongside Detective Jones or just go with the story and enjoy the ride. A lot of the characters were likable, and I just can never get enough of a good world that involves explaining to the humans why not all demons are terrible.

For spoilers’ sake, I won’t fangirl over the cast, but I will say I really liked Verity. She was goofy and crazy and kinda reminded me of A&E Kirk’s own crazy resident (I love you Kira Blackwood) but she brought the funny to the stage when things got too intense or dark. Just really enjoyable, guys.

Either way, I am totally invested in this series. I love that this author is new to me and that I may have another author to like. I loved the writing, I loved the pacing, loved how it kept me enraptured at every page, but best of all… Damien. Her lovely fiance. Need I say more?

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling


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