Mark of Destiny by Azrael James

Azrael James- Mark of Destiny

Her destiny will change the world forever.

an ancient and mystical land where the Curo Wizards rule and life is cheap.

a lowly armory brat who dreams of one day becoming a warrior but fate has other plans.

a recent graduate of the High Wizard’s School of Curogath is tasked with an assignment to eradicate a lost magic system that threatens the very stability of Belstrom.

Mark of Destiny weaves together the threads of a captivating fantasy adventure, while remaining epic in scope, and modern in its originality.

Genre: Fantasy
Title: Mark of Destiny
Author: Azrael James
Publisher: Branch Publishing

Source: Azrael James
Pages: 401
Date: 3.2.17
Rating: 4.5/5


US | UK | CA | AU | DE

Dear Reader,

Don’t you just hate it when you find the perfect type of fantasy theme only to end up bookless? Well weep no more! lol ’cause if you like the kind of stories I do, I think you’ll find this more than satisfactory. Yeah, there was maybe a scene or two that kinda just made me go “wtf” but you know what? That makes a book more human, cause you are what your creator is (or at least in its image) and since people aren’t perfect, neither should the books be.

That came out wrong.

Alright, so this book screamed READ ME with a young protagonist who gets greatness thrust upon her (anyone else think of Channing?) and a egotistical turned good guy person struggling to hunt her down. At first I didn’t know where the story was going, cause I’m a hopeless romantic, but a big supporter of adventure, and a surprised fan of near romance? Anyway I thought this was good. Really hooked me in with the setup and the intro. It dragged a tiny bit in some parts, and aside from the thing I mentioned earlier, I thought it was good. What is that thing that bugged me so much it docked a .5 from the rating?


Well I’ve already forgotten the second instance that made me go ‘wtf’ but the first one was when Korlin came back from hunting down Tizrah. He basically reported his current findings and took a break, but his boss double checked things via a tracking spell and some loose little birds ready to sing and I was like… “Well, shit. If you found her by doing all that, why didn’t you do it yourself in the first place?” I get that the story wouldn’t exist if he did that, but still. I don’t really like finding these things and thinking these things because it ruins the story for me. Hopefully I’m just missing something that makes it all better. Yup.

So there you have it. I thought it was fun, full of adventure and fantasy that reminded me of Tolkien (only the movies, haven’t gotten to the book yet… yeah I know) and if you love what you’re feeling, check it out!

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling


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