Merk’s Mistake by Dale Mayer

Dale Mayer- 3;c Merk's Mistake

Time never fades…

After months of recovery, Merk is moving from mission to mission, happily back in his active life again. But when his ex-wife sends out a panicked call for help, he rushed to meet her – only to see her snatched away in front of him.

Katina has only one person in mind when she finds herself in trouble. Merk. They haven’t spoken for ten years, but time hasn’t changed some things. The attraction between she and Merk is as deep and strong as it was back then. Even more so. But with her life on the line, she can’t focus on him… and can’t get her mind off him.

She has something others want, and they will do anything to get it back. No matter how nefarious. No matter how evil. No matter who they kill.

Genre: Military Romance
Title: Merk’s Mistake
Series: Heroes for Hire #3
Author: Dale Mayer
Publisher: Valley Publishing Ltd.

Source: Maxwell Author Services
Pages: 282
Date: 3.21.17
Rating: 4/5


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Dear Reader,

Katina and Merk were married under the gracious hand of Elvis Presley about a decade ago. It was a secret they didn’t bother to think about and moved on with their lives. Shoot over to the present, and Katina’s in trouble again, only this time it doesn’t come with a hot military guy.

I thought it was a pretty cute read for long-time fans. The action was pretty on point, and the bad guys were a little closer to home. It wasn’t as exciting for me as the others, as it felt more nostalgic than anything, but the mystery kept it going for me. One thing I did appreciate was Katina’s special ability, that was seriously cool, and it upped the excitement. Otherwise, the rest of the time was spent watching her be adorably- and not so adorably -awkward with her ex. If you’ve read Mayer’s books, definitely check this out.

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling


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