Sex Ed by Z.B. Heller


Jaxson Dane is harboring a secret.

Not the fact that he’s a geeky comic book lover, or that he secretly draws his own comic, Bunny Fun Ninja Warrior. It’s not even classified information that he’s out and proud!

His secret is the shame that he’s a twenty-three-year-old virgin.

Jaxson isn’t waiting for marriage or even afraid of taking that step, he just hasn’t found the one guy who will accept all of his adorkable qualities. Due to an unfortunate mishap with a self-pleasuring apparatus and his favorite appendage, Jaxson meets Tyler Mason. The emerald-green-eyed nurse is a witness to the mortifying incident, leaving Jaxson both grateful and disappointed in their one-time meeting.

And then Tyler somehow shows up at Jaxson’s family dinner.

The very dinner at which Jaxson’s hidden virginity is revealed to everyone, including the captivating nurse.

Even though he secretly found the ER situation hilarious, Tyler is also able to look past it to see Jaxson’s genuine nature and is drawn to the charming and hapless comic book artist. He’s tempted to pursue the inexperienced Jaxson, but a recent and life-altering decision puts a damper on his wants and desires. However, the more time they spend together, the more willing he is to take the risk of juggling his new commitments and winning Jaxson’s affections.

A large, insane, and meddlesome family, two prying co-workers, and a sexy nurse are all trying to give Jaxson a crash course in Sex Ed.

Will he pass?

About the Author

Zolie Heller

As a little girl it was always a dream for Z.B. Heller to become She-Ra Princess of Power. Since this dream was unobtainable, she spent what was probably way too long in college trying to “find herself”. Becoming an artist scratched the creative itch until the stories in her head were getting to be too loud for her to get anything else accomplished.

She lives in St. Louis with her husband, son and Flemish Giant rabbit Chloe. In her spare time she likes to read, stalk celebrities on Twitter and create the type of art people scratch their heads about.

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Genre: LGBT / Contemporary Romance
Title: Sex Ed
Author: Z.B. Heller

Source: SocialButterfly PR
Pages: 326
Date: 5.31.17
Rating: 5/5

US | UK | CA | AU | DE

Dear Reader,

Sex Ed is hilarious. And hot. And so adorable. Jaxson and Tyler are the perfect blend of what a romantic comedy looks like when hot dorks and sweet hotties come together. They felt real, they had me laughing, and best of all, I felt that connection.

I liked the writing style and how the POVs shared between the main guys felt like them, it was easy to tell whose head I was in. Every instance was an LOL moment, some bordering ridiculous, but that’s what made it all stick in my head long after I put it down. What was interesting was how the drama didn’t involve anyone having issues with the guys being gay. It was so refreshing for me, because it aimed the drama/problems towards other things that actually matter like changing one’s life for a kid or facing your fears and internal struggles with life. The way the story was told just made everything so perfect for my reading experience, and it’ll stay with me for a long time, there’s no doubt about that.

Check this out if you like romantic comedies that hit all your buttons.

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling


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