THE COMPLEX: Alora’s Choice, Grace White

Grace White AC cover

A Lone Planet. One Complex.
Unlimited Chaos.

Alora Undaniosis has lived an age. She has seen gods rise and fall, survived countless wars, and witnessed planets destroy themselves. But she’s tired, and Alora wants more from life. Craves the one thing she can never have — mortality.

Marcus Denegred lives on borrowed time. His days are spent working on the farms of the Complex, haunted by the sins of his past. He dreams of nothing but death, the day that he is finally set free from the shackles that imprison him.

She wants to live. He wants to die. Their connection is instant, all-consuming… and forbidden.

But when the choice is between duty and desire, head and heart, can there ever be a chance for love to prevail?

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Romance
Title: Alora’s Choice
Series: The Complex #0
Author: Grace White
Publisher: Delesty Books

Source: Grace White
Pages: 89
Date: 6.27.17
Rating: 5/5


US | UK | CA | AU | DE

Dear Reader,

I’m loving the idea of a bunch of authors offering their own creativity to a world, or in this case, a solitary confinement under the guise of a social experiment between humans and Metas (others). I read Hinchey’s piece for The Complex, so I already had an idea of what the place is like, which is why I think I was so invested in this one. It made the world cooler, more dangerous, but a ton more exciting where the romance bit is concerned.

I really liked Alora’s character. She was pretty quiet but had a strong personality that kept her from backing down from things she was really passionate about. One of my favorite combos. Add that to the way Marcus was, with his dark past and equally dark outlook on life, and you’ve got a couple that compliment each other. Their taboo attraction between moral and immortal was hot, and I loved the way their meet-ups made me squeal. It was fun, pretty schmexy, and totally entertaining all around. Definitely check it out.

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling


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