Forsaken by Magic, Jasmine Walt


 Lord Polar ar’Tollis has everything he wants. Wealth, power, respect, beautiful women eager to marry him — there is very little the Chief Mage of Nebara lacks in his life.

Except, perhaps, compassion.

Mages are taught from an early age to rein in their emotions, that they are superior to humans and shifters, and that they must rule with a firm, unyielding hand. But when an execution order for a little girl crosses Lord Polar’s desk, his entire world view is called into question. Especially when he realizes the depth of corruption within his own office.

Saving the life of an innocent child should not be a hard choice. But if Polar helps her, his own life will be at risk. And with enemies lurking in the shadows, waiting for him to fall, he cannot afford a single misstep…

A novella exploring the origins of Fenris, one of the most beloved characters from the Baine Chronicles.

Genre: New Adult Fantasy
Title: Forsaken by Magic
Series: The Baine Chronicles: Fenris’s Story #0
Author: Jasmine Walt
Publisher: Dynamo Press

Source: Jasmine Walt
Pages: 85
Date: 7.18.17
Rating: 4.5/5

US | UK | CA | AU | DE

Dear Reader,

We get a look into Fenris’s old life before he became the mage-shifter we all know and love. I was so excited to hear that he finally gets his own little series in the Baine Chronicles world, and this is just a small glimpse of what I’m sure is yet to come!

Fenris- or should I say, Polar -is a pretty chill guy. Very mage-like, though, compared to the shifter I’d built up in my head whenever Sunaya was with him. I liked seeing how indifferent he was, how little he thought about anything not related to mages in his old life. I definitely got a thrill out of hating the characters Walt wrote alongside him, so I can definitely say the writing style is still on point where that’s concerned. It all just flowed so beautifully for me, and I don’t know what it is- be it the author or the world itself -but I just can’t seem to think of this as a mere book. When it comes to this world, I’m already pretty much invested 100%. Even with 85 pages of Polar’s old life, it still feels like a seriously enriched book to delve into again and again.

If you’re a fan of The Baine Chronicles, do not miss out on this little treasure. And if you’re new to the series or author, then what better way to start than here?

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling

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