A Second Chance at Love, Kassandra Lynn

second cover

True love doesn’t exist. Forever belongs in a storybook.

Empress Ursila Ufran ran away with Royal Healer Draven for love. What she found was regret and heartbreak. Draven had approached her with an agenda, her father had committed treason, and everyone in House of Ufran had been beheaded.

When a magical amulet gives her a second chance at life, she has to avoid her mistakes and prevent her family’s downfall before it’s too late.

Note for readers:
each book in this series can be read as a stand-alone

Genre: Fantasy Romance
Title: A Second Chance at Love
Series: Time Travel and Second Chance #2
Author: Kassandra Lynn

Source: NetGalley
Pages: 307
Date: 8.7.17
Rating: 4.5/5

US | UK | CA | AU | DE

Dear Reader,

This started out as really irritating because of how uppity the main character seemed, but by the time I finished this, I was thanking every deity out there that I did not quit. Or at least mentally check out, since it’s an ARC and the least I can do is finish the damn thing lol. But anyways.

WOW! Like… wow. I am so pleasantly surprised and amazed by this. Ursila was a real brat but I wanted to give her a chance because 1) her heart’s being broken and everything she had was pretty much destroyed, wouldn’t you be a different person? and 2) it was the middle of a climax just like an epic story, so I didn’t lay judgement just because she was cocking an attitude. So future readers out there, please, if you thought or think she’s irritating, STICK WITH IT. I think you’ll be really surprised at the change she undergoes. It’s major character development without her weakening herself, and if anything, I kinda have a deeper appreciation for the perceived bitches that refuse to be a pushover.

Where was I… oh. So the story started right at the end before she died and was sent back in time. She’s beyond pissed, and determined to do things right the second time, but as she’s going through the things again, she notices that knowing what she does now totally acts as an advantage. She avoids illnesses that would’ve kept her from the emperor. She rethinks on poor actions that wouldn’t have gotten her anywhere had she only taken the time to think. Girl finally has a break. So when she tries to do right by her family, what ends up happening is so much better, and I loved the web it revealed and untangled. It went from vengeance and bitterness to uncertainty and vulnerability, to a- well. It’s just freaking amazing, alright?

I loved how smart and devious this all seemed, but I also loved her character development. She really changed as the story progressed, and I’m so happy things played out the way they did. The romance wasn’t very convincing, at least not at first, but I totally dug it when it happened, and I thought it was just downright adorable by the time they got comfortable. It’s an overall fantastic read you should check out, for the plans (I mean some are obvious, but see if you can figure it out) and change, for the unveiling and good writing. Just… check it out.

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling


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