Claimed by Magic, Jasmine Walt

claimed cover

Now that Fenris and Mina have finally admitted their feelings for each other, for the first time, they both face something they’d thought impossible — settling down with someone who accepts and loves them for who they are.

But the future is not so certain, particularly when Mina gets a letter in the mail that her inheritance is about to be forfeit. Suddenly, she must confront the shadows of her own past, or lose the inheritance her loving grandmother has left behind to the abusive family members that drove her away in the first place.

Even with Fenris at her side to advise and protect her, wresting Mina’s family fortune back from greedy relatives proves more difficult than expected. Someone is determined to deny Mina’s rights, at any costs. And when Fenris meets an unexpected enemy from his past, things go from difficult to downright dangerous…

Genre: New Adult Fantasy Romance
Title: Claimed by Magic
Series: The Baine Chronicles: Fenris’s Story #2
Author: Jasmine Walt
Publisher: Dynamo Press

Source: Jasmine Walt
Pages: 195
Date: 8.31.17
Rating: 5/5

US | UK | AU

Dear Reader,

This was better than the first! And that’s kind of surprising for me, considering that I have a thing for small towns with characters on the down low. I got to see a little more of Mina and the kind of woman she was, which was great.

With all the crazy stuff happening to prove that she is who she says she is, it’s one suspenseful chapter after another, partnered with a very cute, romantic aspect of the story as she and Fenris grow closer. They’re pressured into taking a chance and revealing their deep secrets, and though at times I felt like smacking them (and by them I mean Fenris lol) they eventually realized what they’d be missing and opened up.

This may be Fenris’ story, but I still personally think this book was more for Mina, to show you the kind of life she’d lived before Fenris came into her life and made it better. I enjoyed seeing the other characters from the Baine Chronicles, like Iannis and Sunaya. It was brief, but perfect for what I hope is more scenes with them in the third installment. It also solidified Fenris’ feelings about missing the people he considered family.

It was exciting, pretty methodical with Fenris’ mood and thinking. It also introduced more of the mage-life, which was refreshing from the usual shifter and human dynamics. I liked that it was fast-paced but still enough to satisfy me in the end. Overall a fun read I’d recommend because of the great writing style and the little detective work you have to put in to figure out who’s trying to stop Mina from taking back her inheritance.

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling

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