Between the Blade and the Heart, Amanda Hocking


Valkyries have one great responsibility: to return immortals to the afterlife by slaying them.

As a Valkyrie, Malin has always known that the balance of the world rests on her ability to carry out orders. But when Malin discovers that her mother spared the life of an immortal who was destined to die, her world is thrown into chaos.

Malin not only wrestles with the knowledge that her mother might not be who she thought — she’s also thrust into the path of a gorgeous blue eyed guy named Asher who needs her help slaying the rogue immortal who destroyed his family. The balance of the world is at stake. And, as Asher competes with Malin’s ex for her love and loyalty, so is her heart.

Genre: YA Paranormal & Urban
Title: Between the Blade and the Heart
Series: Valkyrie #1
Author: Amanda Hocking
Publisher: Wednesday Books

Source: NetGalley
Pages: 336
Date: 1.2.18
Rating: 3.4/5


Dear Reader,

I’m a big fan of Amanda Hocking’s books, and while this one was yet another wonderful Dystopia full of horrifying myths and legends brought to life, I was left a little wanting. The setup was seriously cool. At first I was a bit out of the reading because I kept looking up every creature that I didn’t know, but after a while when the story got into the meat of it all, I started turning the pages faster.

I really liked Malin. She was a hard-edged character with a tender side she didn’t enjoy showing off and her rough childhood of being raised by a warrior mother who didn’t believe in love only made her tougher. Of course, it also kinda makes you think anyone who believes in love is ridiculous but you know-

 music radio jim carrey what is love adam young GIF

I liked the people that helped her. Romance wise, I thought it was a little wobbly but from an action perspective, it was pretty good until the cliffhanger, when she was left nearly destroyed over someone who I felt didn’t get enough build up. But you know, that’s just me. I think this makes a good first book to set the foundation of the world and let you know what’s going on. I didn’t get the real treats of the overall plot but I did get some cool fighting scenes and a look at what it’d be like to live in a world where death came in the form of hot badass women. That’s pretty cool, you know?

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling


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