The New Dark, Lorraine Thomson

the new dark

There is no “Before”, there is only “Now”. Because now there’s no internet, no TV, no power grid. Food is scarce, and the world’s a hostile place. But Sorrel lives a quiet life in the tiny settlement of Amat.

It’s all she’s ever known…

Until a gang of marauding mutants destroys the village, snatching her brother Eli, and David, her boyfriend. Sorrel sets out after them, embarking on a journey fraught with danger. Can she survive? The only thing that keeps her going is Eli and David. They are out there somewhere. They must be alive. And if she has her way, she will find them.

Genre: YA Science Fiction & Fantasy
Title: The New Dark
Series: The Dark Times #1
Author: Lorraine Thomson
Publisher: Bastei Entertainment

Source: NetGalley
Pages: 221
Date: 11.1.17
Rating: 3.7/5

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Dear Reader,

Sorrel is a heroine with flaws. She couldn’t save her village or her family from the raiding mutants. She stood there when her mother told her to run, stood there when she couldn’t move to save her little brother. The love of her life is missing, and when she realizes that the younger generations may be alive, she ends up traveling with a mutant to save them… while running from a bunch of crazies who want to breed with her to bring ‘new blood’ into their city, of course.

When I first read this, I was totally sucked in. I love that village feel and the way it started off immediately gave me a reason to be interested. Sorrel was pretty interesting to me. A little hardened, though who wasn’t, considering the conditions? She also had a bit of hope, a near rebellious streak to keep the lovelier things alive rather than conform to her village’s rules made from fear. I loved that, especially, and it showed itself here and there throughout the story, despite her ignorance on things, like not knowing how to treat living beings that are different (I’m totally talking about the mutants).

Mental creep level? High up there. I’ll admit that things started to slow for me when she got stuck in this seriously creepy city that looked like paradise in the Dystopian world. I found that I preferred David’s POV to hers whenever she had to endure a lot of seemingly kind gestures that lead to something more horrendous. And horrendous, they were. Like ew. Bravo on that one, Thomson. It later ended up being a pretty relevant thing for me once she escaped with help, and the rest from there was entertaining.

Any book that frustrates you is a book worth checking out. And I don’t mean the kind of frustration you get when you come across blatant errors. I mean the kind of book that has characters that make you question things, people with flaws who are almost proudly vindictive, if not ignorant like Sorrel. There’s one character I couldn’t stand in here because of her ugly core, but the more I read, the less evil she seemed to me. ‘Survivor’ is the word I’d use now, because that is what she is. Doing whatever it takes to assure her survival and overall well being. I’d still slap the bitch but still, at least I now understand her a little more.

It’s an overall good read. I had my issues with the pacing here and there but otherwise, I enjoyed the book. I liked Thomson’s creativity and her style is something I could get down with. I’ll probably read the second book if it becomes available.

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling


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