Dragon’s Gift, Jada Storm & May Sage


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Dareena Sellis is a nobody. The orphaned daughter of a no-name farmer, she toils away as a serving girl at Hallowdale Inn, her only marriage prospects either shipping off to war, or pawing at her skirts with their grubby, gnarled hands.

But fate takes a strange turn the day a dragon huntress comes to town. Suddenly, Dareena is swept off to Dragon’s Keep, trading in her raggedy dresses for silken gowns, her closet-sized room for feather pillows and spacious gardens, and her miserable suitor for three very handsome, very virile dragon princes.

For Dareena is not a nobody. She is the Dragon’s Gift — the one woman chosen by the gods every century to bear children for the future king of Dragonfell.

Despite her pre-ordained path, Dareena’s fate is far from certain. The crown has not given birth to more than one son in nearly a thousand years, and the line of succession is far from clear. Neither of the princes are willing to cede Dareena to the other, and yet she must choose. For the enemy is knocking on Dragonfell’s door, and Dareena’s decision could either mean the kingdom’s salvation…

…or annihilation.

This is a TRUE reverse harem romance, NOT a love triangle. Expect to see danger, intrigue, hot sex, strong language, and fire-breathing dragons between the pages of this book. For +18 readers. You have been warned!

Genre: NA, Fantasy Romance, Reverse Harem
Title: Dragon’s Gift
Series: The Dragon’s Gift #1
Author: Jada Storm + May Sage
Publisher: Dynamo Press

Source: Jada Storm
Pages: 236
Date: 10.6.17
Rating: 4.5/5

US | UK | AU

Dear Reader,

WOW. I was totally fangirling when I read this book because it had a lot of things going for it: hot brother princes, dragons, the village vibe, warring kingdoms, a competition. I’m a total sucker for competitions between people and the MC and okay it wasn’t much of a competition considering the blurb totally tells you what’s up but STILL. This with the three of them drooling all over her while still trying to figure out how to deal with their crazy ass father was just awesome.

I had a few reservations about this book because of the little things I came across, but in the end my inner fangirl was still alive, so I considered that a good win for this thing. It was fast-paced, hilarious with the brothers all trying to keep their cool as they slowly lose themselves to her beauty and genuine nature. I thought the MC complimented them fairly well, and she was funny to listen to with her inner monologues about the various people she came across.

It’s an overall exciting, funny and hot read that I couldn’t get enough of for the first half of the book. And when all the gooey, yummy stuff was solidified and done with, danger totally came to call with the threat of Dareena being taken away from them. Which is totally the last thing you ever wanna do to the princes of Dragonfell…

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling

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