Dragon’s Blood, Jada Storm & May Sage

dragon 2

Stolen from her homeland. Separated from her mates. Is there any hope for Dareena and her dragons? Or is their kingdom destined to fall?

When Drystan and his brothers managed to drive their madness-stricken father from the throne, Dareena thought the worst of their troubles were over. But the elves are knocking at their door, demanding reparations, and with a new general at the helm, they will not let Dragonfell off the hook so easily.

To buy their kingdom time, and save their armies from certain destruction, Dareena and Alistair allows themselves to be taken to Elvenhame, where they will be held hostage until the countries can come to an agreement.

But while the two kingdoms squabble, the real enemy continues its insidious assault. Both Dragonfell and Elvenhame unknowingly teeter on the brink of destruction, and unless Dareena and her mates can uncover the true conspiracy, their world will fall to darkness…

Explicit SEX scenes in this REVERSE HAREM fantasy romance

Genre: NA, Fantasy Romance, Reverse Harem
Title: Dragon’s Blood
Series: The Dragon’s Gift #2
Author: Jada Storm + May Sage
Publisher: Dynamo Press

Source: Jada Storm
Pages: 286
Date: 11.11.17
Rating: 4.5/5

US | UK | AU

Dear Reader,

I loved everything that this book had to offer. Yes, there were a few things that made me take down my rating a bit but overall, I seriously enjoyed this second installment. The Dragon’s Gift series is an amazing fantasy world with the three kingdoms ruled by the Elven, mages and dragons. It’s been war between them all but when it was revealed that the present war between dragons and Elven were concocted by the shady mages in the dark kingdom, you really get to see what happens next and a lot of things get touched on more.

I read this as soon as I got it because of the cliffhanger. Though I paid for it in the morning, it was so worth it. Dareena is given her own piece of haven in the form of her new stature and three lovers, the triplet princes aka future kings of Dragonfell. I liked that a lot of the dialogue was more brief but constant to balance out the action and traveling. Because they’re all separated doing their own thing to bring everyone home, you really get a good look at what the future kings are like when alone and faced with particular challenges. It was fast paced but detailed enough to make you feel like you got a lot out of it, and the ending wasn’t that much of a cliffhanger so- yay!

– The following are spoilers, so skip the paragraphs to the end –

The reason this isn’t an instant 5 stars for me is because of a few things that took me out of the reading. One of them was when Drystan got a random blowjob from someone who snuck into his room when he was asleep. It didn’t really add to anything except to antagonize the readers and make him masturbate to Dream Dareena’s caresses after he threw the bitch out for thinking she could ‘make him feel better’. Though now that I think about it, I believe it happened because the authors needed to show who the traitor is (as it’s yet to be relieved), and who else to sell them out than the bitch who got thrown out like a common whore? The other things that bothered me were small instances, like the Elven king’s sudden and unexplained change of heart, the mild conveniences, and the unresolved matter with their people. These are more personal opinions and expectations than real critique like the blowjob thing, but when I read this, I seriously had to stop to think about it, especially the bit about their people.

It bothered me that they would have to deal with people who felt jilted for far too long. I got the restlessness and unfair treatment, but they totally turned ugly and it really left a bad taste in my mouth. I’m definitely one of the people who’d be fine with watching the future dragon kings burn every human that dared hit them when they were at their lowest. Like, they better get those bitches!

Overall, it was an entertaining read that kept me engaged and wanting more until it was done. I love the set-up, the feels it gives and… let’s be honest. Who doesn’t love the anticipation of hot sex scenes she was totally due with the triplets??? It’s sweet, funny, suspenseful, gasp-inducing, and panty-melting. What’s stopping you?

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling

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