Kingdom of Storms, Jada Storm


tariel 1

One powerful woman.
Three sexy heroes.
A reverse harem fantasy full of magic, adventure, hot sex, and much, much more…

As a half-breed with no family name and illicit magic singing in her veins, Tariel has spent her entire life trying to hide who she is and fighting the forbidden desires of her heart.

But when Tariel’s warden tries to foist her onto a man      with a reputation for killing his wives, she realizes that all her efforts have been for naught. If she is to survive, she will have to embrace her magic and fight for her freedom — two things that women in Fjordland have always been forbidden from.

Thankfully, Tariel is not alone. With a desert spirit to guide her, a fierce knight to protect her, and a handsome scholar to advise her, she might just have what it takes to escape death and seize her destiny.

That is, if they can find a way to defeat the deadliest witch hunter in history….

This is a TRUE reverse harem romance, meaning that the heroine does NOT have to choose between her men. Expect to find danger, intrigue, hot sex, action, and magic between the page of this book. 18+ readers. You’ve been warned!

Genre: Fantasy, Romance RH
Title: Kingdom of Storms
Series: The Legend of Tariel #1
Author: Jada Storm
Publisher: Dynamo Press

*Later Purchased: Amazon*

Source: Jada Storm
Pages: 240
Date: 2.2.18
Rating: 4/5

US | UK | CA | AU | DE | JP

Dear Reader,

I’m always down for fantasy worlds, adventure and that connection you get between characters who totally click. When I heard Walt was making another series by herself until the beautiful pen name Storm, I was excited. The cover is gorgeous, the blurb sounded interesting, and her last solo work was what reeled me in. What would stop me from reading this? Nothing.

Our heroine, eighteen-year-old Tariel lives in a sexist kingdom where women are either incompetent or witches. If you ask me, the men are just afraid of what women could do and because of it, do not know how to properly fuck, which then makes them even grouchier and unhappy. Bring on the mid-life crisis! Still, it’s a totally sucky situation and no one sane wants to stay there. So when Tariel sees an opportunity to leave after years of obedience, she takes it. And she asks her friends to come along.

Tariel was an entertaining character. She was raised to be obedient, but her powers always put up a fight, causing her physical pain to the point of frustration and regret. When she finally started to question why she should suffer any of the shit given to her, that’s when things got exciting for me. She isn’t quite there yet, but Tariel’s character seems like the type who’s slowly falling into the type of woman she’s destined to be. It’s an interesting way to look at someone. Her friends Ri and Cal were pretty solid. I get the impression they’re all still feeling out each other, so again, this book acts like a nice intro to something amazing. I look forward to seeing how they all turn out.

The reverse harem romance was alright. I did like that they all had history together, because it made it easier to accept what was already there. Their chemistry, for me, built on that. Despite a beautiful amount of detail for the world, it still felt pretty fast because the characters seemed to linger around long enough for me to catch a glimpse of them before we were moving on. Still, I do see a lot of authors slowly introducing their characters before letting the books build them up, so I’ll withhold judgement until the second or third book. But yeah: yay for world building, wish I’d had more stuff going on between the crew.

If you haven’t stared at the cover yet, go do it right now. On top of it being gorgeous, it’s also a pretty tease. You know this is a harem, but it’s only the knight on there, so it makes you wonder… what is this beauty hiding? If you like RH and the fantasy genre and magic, check it out. It’s gotten off to a promising start and I can’t wait to see where they are in the second installment.

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling

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