School for Psychics, KC Archer


An entrancing new series starring a funny, impulsive, and sometimes self-congratulatory young woman who discovers she has psychic abilities — and then must decide whether she will use her skills for good or… not.

Teddy Cannon isn’t your typical twenty-something woman.

She’s resourceful. She’s bright. She’s scrappy. She can also read people with uncanny precision. What she doesn’t realize: she’s actually psychic.

When a series of bad decisions leads Teddy to a run-in with the police, a mysterious stranger intervenes. He invites her to apply for the School for Psychics, a facility hidden off the coast of San Francisco where students are trained like Delta Force operatives: it’s competitive, cutthroat, and highly secretive. They’ll learn telepathy, telekinesis, investigating skills, and SWAT tactics. And if students survive their training, they go on to serve at the highest levels of government, using their skills to protect America, and the world.

In class, Teddy befriends Lucas, a rebel without a cause who can start and manipulate fire; Jillian, a hipster who can mediate communication between animals and humans; and Molly, a hacker who can apprehend the emotional state of another individual. But just as Teddy feels like she’s found where she might belong, strange things begin to happen: break-ins, missing students, and more. It leads Teddy to accept a dangerous mission that will ultimately cause her to question everything — her teachers, her friends, her family, and even herself.

Genre: Paranormal & Urban
Title: School for Psychics
Series: School for Psychics #1
Author: K.C. Archer
Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Source: NetGalley
Pages: 368
Date: 4.3.18
Rating: 4/5

US | UK | CA

Dear Reader,

This was a lot, and I still couldn’t get enough. I need more drama. I need more adventures. I need more answers! It took me the whole day, but I couldn’t put it down, and I finished it… wondering what next. This is exactly why I don’t always enjoy reading things before they’re published. The wait. When the book hooks you in and leaves you wanting more, you’re totally on the bender wondering ways to legally retrieve the next book from the author’s laptop. I really need that next book!

But let’s talk psychic schools and recruits. Our MC, Teddy Cannon is a twenty-four-year-old Vegas resident who gets picked up by a recruiter for Whitfield Institute. Teddy’s never meant to end up where she is now, but another opportunity has come up to change that, to make a better life for herself and be a daughter her supportive parents could be proud of. But Whitfield isn’t what she imagined. She gives them four years of her life, and they give her an education of a lifetime: harnessing the psychic abilities that have been plaguing her, her entire life. Competition soon rises within the first-years, and it’s time for Teddy to figure out what it is exactly she wants out of this institute.

So Teddy’s grown up thinking she’s a human lie detector. It’s gotten her banned from the Strip but it’s also isolated her to a quiet life of being left behind while everyone else moves on with their lives. She has major trust issues because of how much everyone lies to her, but when she gets to Whitfield Institute, a place where she’s always surrounded by psychics- people that are harder to read -it’s a new opportunity for her to finally get her life together and do something with it. She had a no-nonsense attitude and I liked the way she stuck to a decision, but it was also one of her faults throughout the book, though an endearing one. I appreciated these things, the way she could be so strong-minded and still have things to learn. She wasn’t perfect, but she made these mistakes in ways I could endure without getting annoyed.

Whitfield Institute is pretty self-explanatory with its ideals and goals for the students it grooms, and as a reader, you already know where they’re really going with this, but a majority of the students don’t really think about what the government wants from them. Things like this constantly kept happening, the reader getting underlines while the characters slowly rode out the story-lines. It kept you ahead of the game without it dragging. A few times, I did feel like I needed a break from all the class lessons I got to enjoy right alongside the other students (yaaay) but the overall plot was still too enticing to stop. I don’t really have anything to complain about this, but if I had to, it’d probably be that the drama felt a little YA. Sometimes I forgot Teddy was twenty-four, with the way they all walked on eggshells, but again, this is my first time meeting them, so I’ll withhold judgment.

In the end, this is a book packed with thrilling, near-squealing moments that make you wish you were psychic enough to be admitted, if only to enjoy the dangerous fun alongside the rest of the first-years. I liked being in the dorms with Teddy, learning Empathy 101 and mental defenses. It satisfied me enough to feel like I could reread it again if only to catch the clues I’d missed the first time ’round. If you’re a fan of romance, don’t expect much of one to be in here, because the main focus is staying alive and figuring out who’s lying to who, but I will say that there’s a bit of a *wink* in there to bask in. So, you know. Check it out.

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling


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