Storm of Seduction, Bea Paige


With a loan shark at her door, can Louisa accept the protection of the brothers Freed?

After her mother’s sudden death, abandoning the brothers freed in the French Alps had been a knee-jerk reaction.

Now she is alone once more.

When a loan shark comes knocking on her door demanding payment for her mother’s debt, Louisa finds herself in danger from a merciless criminal.

Saved from a brutal beating, Bryce Freed offers her the safety of the Freed family home, a job within their company and a warm spot in their beds. With few other options, Louisa finds herself agreeing to his offer. But she isn’t sure which scares her more; the man after her money, or the men after her heart.

Author’s Note:
Reverse harem and +18 readers

Genre: NA Romance, Reverse Harem
Title: Storm of Seduction
Series: Brothers Freed #2
Author: Bea Paige

Source: Bea Paige
Pages: 161
Date: 3.10.18
Rating: 4/5

US | UK | CA | AU

Dear Reader,

So the ending wasn’t a cliffhanger like the first book, and it actually wrapped itself up with the good feels of ‘finally’… except for that last blasted line. I thought this installment in the Brothers Freed series was okay. Not as excitingly hot as the first one, but it’s because they’re working less on the lust and more on the emotional bit. Which I loved. This time when the intense dialogue got brought on, it didn’t seem too soon. If anything, it felt like a relief to finally hear them all say what they want to say.

A few things didn’t click with me, and a majority of those were really just moments that slowed down the story, like the yummingly detailed sex scenes. I thought those were great, of course, but after the second or third time it started to read the same. Plus I was getting agitated about the obvious danger neither seemed to take seriously, so there’s that. I might’ve just been annoyed that it was getting so blatantly ignored, but people make mistakes, right? So aside from the little things, I was glad to see Louisa finally get what she wanted. I’m dreading the third book, though, because I have no idea what will happen… let’s hope it isn’t anything too bad!

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling


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