Ride With Me, Ashley Hastings

Ride With Me Cover

A bad boy cop and a straight-laced student are about to go on the ride of their lives…

He’s the law, but she’s the one making the rules.

Graduate student Lucy wants order and predictability in her life. She always has a list to consult and a plan to execute.

Police officer Grayson wants to chase skirts and live free. He isn’t interested in being tied to one woman.

Until he meets her.

Lucy agrees to do ride alongs with Grayson as part of her thesis project, and all Grayson wants to do is handcuff her to his bed for a life sentence. Lucy isn’t so sure that Grayson fits her life plan.

Can Lucy resist Grayson’s arresting personality, or will Grayson be able to plead his case and make her his?

About the Author

Ashley Hastings

Ashley Hastings lives with a menagerie of animals, and one day aspires to be a crazy, old cat lady. She has a starter set of three cats right now. Ashley likes to take long walks each day while she dreams about what her characters will do in the future, and is already hard at work on her next novel.

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Genre: Contemporary Romance
Title: Ride With Me
Author: Ashley Hastings

Source: IndieSage PR
Pages: 198
Date: 4.1.18
Rating: 4/5

US | UK | CA | AU

Dear Reader,

This was freaking cute. It started off well because of Lucy’s humor and her Manlist. She’s really easy to like, and the ridiculousness of her night was just too much to not enjoy. Grayson’s introduction was very smooth, and it set up a total hottie vibe that you sometimes tilt your head at when he gets all playful and forward. Honestly, I almost worried for his safety with the way he kept going, but he was exactly what Lucy needed to get loose… in more ways than one.

It was fun to read, very abso-crazy-lutely hot, and Grayson seriously grows on you. I had a few small moments of wanting to wring a certain person’s neck but other than that, it’s definitely a romance I think you should check out if you love low key drama, dating cops and dealing with people with their own little quirks. And hot moments. Very, very hot moments.

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling


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