Flight of the Dragon, Jessica Drake


Zara Kenrook has come a long way from the thieving orphan who lived below.

Once one of the best treasure hunters in Elantia, she is now a cadet among the rest of the academy students who live atop the floating islands, continuing to prove that she has a right to be Lessie’s chosen rider. Her dragon rider bond obviously proves that she has family somewhere among the elite, but when someone from her past comes back to threaten everything she has, uppity families and being forced into a war she doesn’t support will be the least of her problems.

Together with friends, Zara and Lessie will have to rely on each other more than ever to prevent the world from falling under the oppressive claws of an ancient evil. But if she doesn’t first do something about the brewing threats of war on Elantia, there will be nothing to protect.

Genre: NA Fantasy
Title: Flight of the Dragon
Series: Dragon Riders of Elantia #2
Author: Jessica Drake
Publisher: Dynamo Press

Source: Jessica Drake
Pages: 223
Date: 6.28.18
Rating: 4.5/5

US | UK | CA | AU

Dear Reader,

Lessie is just about my favorite thing about this series. Elantia is magical with its floating islands for the rich and its dangerous streets of the slums filled with dark secrets and older magic, but despite all the coolness and dragon riders, there’s just something absolutely adorable about Zara’s little– and growing –dragon.

It’s her and Zara, a treasure hunter who now goes to the academy for dragon riders. Zara’s biggest issues should be about finding the family who gave her up and stopping a war before it’s truly begun, but when a dangerous part of her past shows up to threaten everything she’s gained, it’s up to Lessie and her friends to stop an ancient evil from being resurrected to finish what it failed to do the first time ’round: destroying the world. Now who wouldn’t find that interesting? I like all of it, the build up and the slight angst. But for this installment, it’s all about the flow. Zara goes through the motions of what’s in store for her, and it’s a pretty fun ride. It started off nice and calm, then moved to something really sweet before it all went crazy. A few times, I really got into what was going on, and by the end, I was already wanting the third installment.

I’m gonna call it now. She and Tavarian are going to get seriously close real soon, and all this fighting and tension with the other kingdoms will only advance the series into a whole other level of awesomeness (which I honestly can’t wait for). Elantia’s a cool place of magic and dragons and Zara’s strong bond with Lessie is just a constant blanket on my heart. I love that they’re always for each other and how in the end they’ll never be alone, even if they are one day separated… ugh and there goes my heart.

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling

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