The Sacrifice, Elicia Hyder


“Hello, Praea.”
There’s only one being on Earth who calls Sloan Jordan by that name — her biological mother, a demon named Kasyade. So why did she answer Sloan’s best friend’s phone? When Sloan reaches Adrianne Marx’s apartment to investigate, all she finds is a half-written list of things to do before Sloan’s wedding:

1 — Order booze for the reception
2 — Send the final guest count to the caterer
3 — Register for gifts
4 — Don’t forget to–

That’s where the to-do list ended. Mid-sentence with a scrawled line like Adrianne had been dragged away from the task. If Kasyade was involved in the abduction, Adrianne probably had been.

The reason? Ransom.

The price? Sloan’s unborn daughter, the most powerful angel in all of history.

But hell can’t rival the fury of an angry mother protecting her child, and until the baby is born, her incredible power is Sloan’s to wield. Now the prey becomes the predator as Sloan seeks to put an end to Kasyade forever.

Genre: Paranormal & Urban
Title: The Sacrifice
Series: The Soul Summoner #5
Author: Elicia Hyder
Publisher: Inkwell & Quill

Source: Elicia Hyder
Pages: 412
Date: 3.27.18
Rating: 4/5

US | UK | CA | AU

Dear Reader,

WOW. I always thought this was a great series because of how the author handled the love-triangles and drama and feel-good vibes with her take on angels and demons, but this installment completely sealed the deal for me. I am seriously following it til the end now (and I really hope the ending leads to where I’m praying it does?) cause man… that ending blew my heart and mind.

I hope this never ends anytime soon, and I’d honestly take it any way I can; spin-offs, different MCs, whatever. The Sacrifice revolved around the last few months of Sloan’s happy life before the big storm. It’s pregnancy aches, moments of insecurity as a human whale supporting life. Compared to the other books, I thought this one was more for the people who’d read the previous installments. It was a lot of good-humor banter and conversations, ‘normal’ moments for this mom-to-be who didn’t have any sort of normalcy for a long time. Sure, they all kept up with solving the big mystery of the moment and interacted with other supernatural beings to keep things flowing and interesting, but majority of the time, I was following a very preggo Sloan doing mundane things (well, as mundane as it could get for this warrior angel).

A sort of ‘last meal’ is what it felt like for her, getting the best of what the universe could offer her, before everything was forced to change forever. The ending totally broke my heart and caught me completely off guard, and I was crying, but at the same time, I couldn’t think of a better way that didn’t go with something predictable. I sincerely hope it doesn’t end here for my amazeballs trio because there’s still so much I want from Sloan and the others!

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling

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