Deep Cover, Scarlett Cole


Are they in too deep?

Ex-Navy SEAL Cabe Moss always comes when called to duty — at all costs. Even though the death of his fiancee nearly destroyed him, Cabe won’t let his past interfere with any work that has to get done. When his latest task pushes him to team up with FBI Agent Amy Murray, a fierce beauty with the undercover skills to match, Cabe must admit that, for the first time in years, he wants to do more than just complete their mission together…

Amy was born ready for this assignment, but working side-by-side with the strong, silent, and frustratingly professional Cabe seems to be the biggest challenge of all. But when the sparks begin to fly– and the stakes rise to dangerous heights –the only thing Amy is left worrying about is how she can resist him. Their lives may be in danger, but their hearts hold the biggest risk of all…

Genre: Military Romance
Title: Deep Cover
Series: Love Over Duty #3
Author: Scarlett Cole
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Source: NetGalley
Pages: 336
Date: 7.31.18
Rating: 4/5

US | UK | CA | AU

Dear Reader,

I liked this. It wasn’t too much or too little, and I really liked that Cabe and Amy had issues to work through on top of dealing with their jobs and the weird chemistry neither could fight. Amy knows what it’s like for women who try to get ahead in a male-dominated world, and the FBI is barely considered an easy feat to overcome. As a hard-working agent with naturally good looks, it’s harder to be taken seriously, which is why she thinks it’s a bad idea to have anything to do with the cute guy she met at the bar after finding out they’re to work together.

It was easier to like Cabe than Amy, though there were times when I wanted to shake him every time he felt the need to choose her over the job. Yes, of course I’d want him to always choose her, but at the same time, it was– well. Needless to say, it was all very complicated and they had a rough start to this ‘relationship’. I did find the second half easier to read, and I really liked Cabe’s best friends/business partners. Their stories were the last two installments, which is something I may look into later, but I loved their support and camaraderie in here. Like Amy with the great men in her life, they made it so much easier to enjoy Cabe and Amy with the way they loved and trusted them. The whole feel of family, and good work ethnics, and suspense and creepy bad guys combined made for an entertaining read, and if you like reading about thrillers and gambling/card playing, then check this out.

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling


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