Claimed by Sin, Jasmine Walt & Debbie Cassidy


Sleeping gods awaken and supernatural enemies join forces in this epic conclusion to Malina’s story!

Still reeling from loss, Malina throws herself into her biggest and most personal case yet — liberating her mother from the Daughter of Chaos.

The stakes are high, time is running short, and the path to freeing Diya is fraught with conflict and danger. Now, more than ever, Malina will need the support and expertise of her allies: Ajitah’s quiet strength, Loki and Drake’s magical expertise, Aaron’s support, and Carmella’s compassion.

But most of all she’ll need Garuda — her anchor in the storm.

With her friends by her side anything seems possible. All they need is time. But fate can be a cruel mistress, and what we need isn’t always what we get. A war is on the horizon, and Malina will learn that when it comes to war, one loss is never all you’re given.

And in order to win, she’ll have to play dirty…

Genre: New Adult / Urban Fantasy
Title: Claimed by Sin
Series: The Gatekeeper Chronicles #3
Author: Jasmine Walt + Debbie Cassidy
Publisher: Dynamo Press

Source: Jasmine Walt
Pages: 250
Date: 8.10.17
Rating: 5/5

US | UK | CA | AU | DE

Dear Reader,

I’m so sad the war is over! Okay, you know what I mean, but still. Malina has been through a lot in this series, going from protective assassin to accidental murderer to… world savior? I loved that the gods were a known thing and the reason for saving the world all that time ago, but while they slept, it was the older enemies that came to take over, and this installment is where it all goes down.

War is here. Malina knows that if she doesn’t get her act together and find a solid way to take down the Daughter of Chaos without killing her mother, she’ll lose yet another thing she loves. She’s already lost people she cares about, she can’t afford another. And speaking of lovers, I had a great time with her having this love triangle between her, Aj and Garuda. At first I was for sure all the way for one guy, but then she had to go all sappy on me and then I got confused, and even when it was clear she chose her guy, it was still sad (bittersweet?) to see things end with the other. No regrets, though. I love the way it all worked out.

Recommended read! The action was great, and I liked that it was a mix of fighting and adventure. I’m an impatient person so there were moments when I wanted to skip the important bits of other POVs to get back to Malina, but still, it was a satisfying read. Loved the writing style, the world, the action, the insanity of multiple worlds, the raw romance, and the heartache it gave me in the end near end?

cry crying GIF by Team Coco

Why would you do that?!

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling

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