Unleashing Demons, CJ Laurence

udBeing supernatural doesn’t make you invincible and it certainly doesn’t make you immune to emotional baggage.

On their annual three-month vacation from Hell, Commanders of Hell Azazel and Balthazar end up in a quiet village in the English countryside. The bickering siblings put themselves at odds when Balthazar decides he wants to end their demonic curse and become human again by finding his Demi-soul — the one who completes him. With their ancient history coming between them once more, the two brothers cross paths with Kyla Marshall — a woman whose own past is steeped with horror.

Kyla finds something deep inside her resonating with the unstable duo. When her own festering rage and fury creeps to the surface, she finds herself on a one-way street to bloody revenge. Along the way, she discovers she has her own standing in the supernatural world, and such talents only make her thirst for justice greater.

By the time Azazel and Balthazar realize what’s going on, it’s too late and Kyla’s hands are already dirty. However, an unexpected enemy has been watching from the side-lines and is ready to take full advantage of Kyla’s uncontrollable power.

Can Lucifer’s best stop fighting with each other long enough to save the girl?

Note: Previously published as Sex, Lies & Demon Ties of the Dark Desires series

Genre: Paranormal, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Title: Unleashing Demons
Series: Unleashing #1
Author: C.J. Laurence

Source: NetGalley
Pages: 231
Date: 8.4.18
Rating: 3/5


Dear Reader,

I read this book back in 2016 when it was first published and thought it was one of the more intriguing things I’d read so far, mainly because it acts more on the gruesome side of demons. The romanticizing of monsters are always fun for this hopeless romantic but it’s also nice to get the monsters back in their nightmarish roots. Rather than romantic and tortured souls, we get a set of brothers who are not afraid to be as violent and frightening as demons are preceded to be. On one hand, the gore made me a little queasy and I had to skip ahead, but at the same time, I can appreciate the darker side of the brothers. Reading it again, I still think the grittiness was pretty good, but I’ve since come across a lot of darker reads that were able to both shock and capture me with their story-telling, which is why my new rating of this book went from a four to a three.

My lack of stars are mainly due to my first impression of the book. Sometime the dialogue didn’t fit right with me, and I’m not sure if it was me or the book, but I thought there were a lot of things- big reveals, really -that majorly changed the natural pace of things on me. Sometimes those are good, yes, but in this case, it felt more jarring than anything. For one thing, this resulted in me not understanding the way things ended, and I didn’t like that. So, while interesting and horrifying (some of you may like that) it’s a book I personally wouldn’t read again, but wouldn’t mind someone else checking it out. Maybe a new reader who hasn’t already seen it all.

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling


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