Hell’s Hinges, SM Reine


Sophie Keyes has made a mistake that might destroy the universe.

The Traveler has an offer: go back in time, fix your mistake, and save the world. Easy. Except that fixing Sophie’s mistake means destroying her life, and Lincoln Marshall won’t stand to see that happen. Not if he can time travel with them to find another way.

Their attempt to jump into the past goes awry and dumps them into Reno 2006, where Elise Kavanagh is in hiding with James Faulkner. It’s a delicate moment in the timeline, and if Lincoln takes a single wrong step, he’ll change everything. He can’t go to Elise for help. He can’t speak to the woman he’s loved for years, touch her again, kiss her… Not unless he’s willing to bring the universe that much closer to destruction.

For the Godslayer, Lincoln might be willing to lose it all.
For the Traveler, it might be a step too far.

War is breaking out in Reno 2006, and the consequences threaten to ripple through time — assuming that they don’t make the entire world fall apart first.

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Title: Hell’s Hinges
Series: A Fistful of Daggers #3
Author: S.M. Reine

Source: S.M. Reine
Pages: 369
Date: 1.30.19
Rating: 4.5/5

US | UK | CA | AU

Dear Reader,

what confused GIF

I… what just happened? I mean I know what happened, but what just fucking happened? Already I’m sensing another break from reading and I’m not even over my current reading slump! What is this madness?!?!

Sooo… man, I still can’t speak. I’m angry, and kinda sad, but relieved? But confused? But extremely slightly turned on? If there’s one thing I loved about the Descent series (Elise and James’ series that started it all) it was the hero and heroine’s strange relationship. I loved that they’d gone through so much and had finally gotten together, but then the next series hinted otherwise, and then even more people came up to ruin the fuck out of my happiness, but then it made them weirdly stronger and more devoted?

Shocked Kimmy Schmidt GIF by Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

I just can’t deal with them again without reading the other set of series! Is James still obsessed with her? Does Elise love Marshall the way Kitty loves his girlfriend and Mr. Frightening? Am I supposed to take all of this with a multiple-love perspective so my already-fragile shelf doesn’t collapse on top of me?!

I’m already rambling and I haven’t even reviewed anything so here it is: this book was a clusterfuck. I loved the first two books in this series because it revisited people I’d already worked toward loving and finding endearing. It was completely effortless to fall for them again and see what new things were in store. When I got to this book and realized that there were going to be two parts to this, one with Lincoln them and the other part with a sort-of-old-sort-of-new group to follow, that’s when I had to start pressing on the breaks. It was like the Autobahn with Lincoln them’s POV. I know them, I’m used to them, and their speech patterns are my speech patterns. But then I got to the other new group’s POV (ugh I hate calling them new because they’re not really new) and I had to slow down as if I were driving through a school district or I’d mess up the flow that best fit me. So that was jarring. And then when it switched over to Lincoln them, I had to adjust to even more changes and speed limits. “Do I really stan this? What’s she thinking? God, do I really want her with him or are they meant to be together?” I was a total mess reading this!

But that’s what happens when Elise is present. I become a tangled knot of emotions. When I’m with Elise, it’s like just plain Twilight logic that she forever be with James. Yeah she can have other loves but James will never be towered over. And the same goes for James. Yes, he may be worse than our local Southern racist Lincoln Marshall (hey, he’s changing!), but when it comes to his love for Elise, I just can’t seem to hate him for anything he does. I mean, unless he’s fucking other women and Elise isn’t getting off on it then yeah, I’m fucking pissed.

angry jason terry GIF

So much went on in this installment. I’m now questioning what everyone is going to do and how they’re all really feeling, but most of all… I’m mad at Elise and James. They completely took the spotlight from Lincoln and Sophie. I went from cheering for Lincoln’s progress and Sophie’s happiness to floating in the dark, dark lake that is Elise-and-James-no-spaces. One second I was hoping Lincoln would get everything he wanted, the next, I was predicting the next thousand years. Every Elise and James POV only further reminded me of why I found Reine so addicting in the first place, and honestly, I’m not sure how I feel right now. Because not only are all these things being brought back up and changed, there’s also this huge possibility that everything I loved will be messed with and I cannot deal with that.

Do I recommend this? Yes. I got a little impatient with the newbies so I’ll definitely have to read this a second time just so I can actually read without the other voice in my head wondering why it’s taking so fucking long to get back to Elise and the others. This is only the third installment in A Fistful of Daggers, but I kinda get the feeling that every book will touch a serious topic. Lonesome Paladin was about homophobia and loving who you love. Spellsmoke focused a lot more on racism with the perspective of a close-minded individual’s life. And for Hell’s Hinges, it had a lot to do with abortion and women’s choice. It’s a definite recommend if you love this genre, have read Reine and/or enjoy writing that flows with complex characters who expand your existing borders. I like to think I’m pretty open-minded, but even now, I’m still being tested, constantly reminded that when it comes to people you love, you still have to accept that they’ll do what they want… even if it means hurting someone else.

Scared Oh My God GIF

Now feel my pain and get on this!

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling



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