Caged Wolf, SM Reine

Woman pulling up boyfriends shirt

The biker gangs passing through Lobo Norte don’t scare Ofelia anymore.

All those men are the same: scarred, homeless, and broken… just like Ofelia. They’ve become a blur of forgettable faces watching her strip. She takes off her clothes, takes their money, and wipes them from her memory instantly.

But Trouble is different.

A biker with a wolf tattoo and tortured eyes, he sees beyond Ofelia’s tough disguise to a more fragile woman within.

She’s drawn to him like she’s never been drawn to a man before — at least, not since she survived hideous torture at the hands of her ex-boyfriend that left her scarred physically and emotionally. She can’t forget Trouble. And she definitely can’t push him away.

There’s magic between them that neither understands. But maybe if Ofelia and Trouble can find the truth, they can release each other from the chains that bind them to Lobo Norte, to the Fang Brothers biker gang, and to the dark secrets in their pasts…

Author’s Note:
Due to explicit sexual content, this book is intended for mature readers 18+ only.

Genre: Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Romance
Title: Caged Wolf
Series: Tarot Witches #1
Author: SM Reine
Publisher: Red Iris Books

Source: Amazon
Pages: 200
Date: 8.13.14
Rating: 4/5

US | UK | CA | AU

Dear Reader,

I read this three years ago and never got to the second book, but since Tarot Witches: The Raven Knights saga came out, I decided to read this again so I could finally finish the series that started this journey for the witches. My thoughts haven’t changed, I still think it was just a little too quick at the end, but reading it again gives me a different perspective of the story. I noticed that Reine’s writing is a little different in this one. There’s more going on in her recent books, but the connection I have to the characters haven’t changed.

And okay. Before I begin, I have to say that reading this again made me realize a few spoilerish things that I will now spell out in red, so skip it if you don’t wanna get spoiled, but Ofelia is Ceaser’s sister, the same sister who’s now a sidhe queen! I am so mind-blown right now! When I met her in Ceaser’s story, it went completely over my head, and after finding out that a lot of the witches were reborn as sidhe royalty and nobles, it only excited me more when I got to see them before they went through Genesis. It’s crazy getting to see them change and it only makes me want to devour the other three books in this series before hunting down the other books that talk about them. I wanna know about Ceaser again. I want to know who Domingo (I think I got her older brother’s name right) is and if he has his own story somewhere in the Descentverse. I need it all.

But back to this book. It was hot, and bold, and maybe a little too ahead of its time. I won’t say why, but if you ever want to discuss it, feel free to hit me up. Otherwise, Caged Wolf was a dangerously hot and gritty read that had Reine’s straight-forward writing dashed with sizzling, sinful details that low key made me wanna go to some biker bar just to see how much of it is real.

Ofelia’s lived a hard life, and it’s in Lobo Norte that she makes her humble living stripping and working the only bar there. She’s too scarred for the whore house, but Gloria lets her keep her tips and crushes any testicles that go too far in the hands department. She isn’t living, she’s surviving, and it’s not until the Fang Brothers ride in that she meets someone who finally makes her want to.

I loved the way Trouble’s story was explained along the way, keeping Ofelia in the spotlight while also highlighting Lobo Norte and everything that made it both terrifying and a dream. It was a good setting for these two seemingly beat down people who felt chained to their pasts, and I thought it was a great idea to light the fire under their ass with steamy, godyessohot moments that kept me wanting more. The other biker groups, the non-humans who live in Lobo Norte, they were all great. I wish they’d been expanded on more, and I think it’s because it didn’t happen that it felt a little short, especially in the end when a plot twist ended things the way it did. It’s still a book I recommend if you like the “werewolf and witch steamy romance”, but if you’re one of those people who don’t like it when the human gets freaky with the shifter who’s partially furry, then you probably shouldn’t read this. I’d hate for you to despise this.

Otherwise, definitely check this out if you wanna read about the sidhe King(s?) and Queens of the Courts before Genesis happened. Supernaturals are known in the world, not everyone you know is human, but when even werewolves can’t figure out what you are, that’s when the fun really begins. I hope you’ll join.

Happy Reading,

A Little Darling

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